CNN’s Village Idiot Lemon: Ban White Men

“There is no ‘white guy ban.’ so what do we do about that?”

i’m sure we’ll be told that quote’s “out of context.”

I wonder if Lemon is CNN’s shining star, or is he embarrassing even for them?

He isn’t technically wrong White Males are the leading cause of terrorism and hate crimes in America.

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The Constitution is not a death pact! (or so we’re told)

Well this will make for some persecution complex fodder for some Trumpists convinced they’re coming after straight white men.

Wasn’t really Lemon’s point, but let’s not let that get in the way of some sweet “woe is me” -ism.


He’s right.

Yep. The stats do speak for themselves.

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Of the 5,493 known offenders, 48.4 percent were white, 24.3 percent were black or African-American, and race was unknown for 16.2 percent of the offenders. The rest were of various other races.

Yes, white male Limbaugh was just having a teary sad about this. I chuckled.


And let’s be honest, we’re getting close to war on Christmas time, so let’s just call it like it is. It’s white Christian men that are the threat to America.

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vast majority of victim of terrorism and hate crimes are Jews in America with an increase in antisemitic crimes up over 50% since 2017.

If I was the leader of another country I’d probably start thinking implementing a travel ban on American Christian white males

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I don’t know what is worse White Males for their hate crimes or White Woman for their refuses to give their kid vaccines.

“a teary sad” - love it.


ok so you all think white guys should be banned like i thought you would

good job

Literally no one in this thread has said that. Your statement is 100% false. Please revise.


“he’s right”

one of the first posts

you’re welcome

So to Lemon’s point - if white males are causing nearly half of these incidents, why hasn’t Donald called for a ban on white males?

You know, just until we figure out what the hell is going on?


way too many white guys huh?

At the very least, a temporary ban.

He didn’t specify what he’s right about. You added that yourself. Is this an example of confirmation bias? Perhaps.

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