CNN Rubbish Fact Checking is a laughable sham in journalism

Not surpise that CNN didnt like the speech nor the mention of Trump’s ending speech of Cancel Culture it didnt take CNN for long to their fake Rubbish “Fact Checking”

CNN also claimed that there is no such thing as Cancel Culture and Trump is lying about Cancel Culture go to my figure my surprise that they are trying to protect Cancel culture.

CNN’s Daniel Dale calls out 21 false or misleading claims from Trump’s RNC speech in three minutes

The CNN reporter impressed viewers on Thursday night with his rapid-fire fact checking of President Trump’s final speech at the Republican National Convention.

Was there any Fact Checking by CNN on the Democratic National Convention? or why they used Billy Porter and to promote BLM during the first night of the DNC while rioting was happening across the nation?

Zero Fact Checking.
This Fact Checking is a laughable sham in journalism. And yes CNN also criticized the RNC because they defended the 17 year old kid from defending himself.

CNN is a not a news network but a mouthpiece of the DNC. Not surprising CNN hasnt liked anything of the Trump’s speech, but loved the jack layton copy and cat paste speech from Joe Biden.

Biden is a Holy Saint Light.
Trump is the Dark, according to Speech of Biden.

A bit ironic to claim or say that Trump is darkness.


What did their fact checkers get wrong?

Here are links to CNN’s articles fact checking the DNC:

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Cancel culture is real…we seen it right here on this very forum what libs attempted to do.


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I think some of them work for the Chinese Communist Party like Biden.

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Nope. It’s like when the Washington Oost tallied Trump’s lies at over ten thousand. At the same time their number of Biden/ Obama lies add up to zero. Liberal fact checking is a joke.

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lolz …

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“Cancel culture” is the name for those who want to revisit our history and vilify America’s past. Thus the statue tear downs, renaming streets, rewriting history. You may agree with them but CNN is lying if they say it doesn’t exist.
CNN itself was attacking Trump for speaking at the Mt. Rushmore, that bastion of slave owners.

But CNN fact checking…that’s awful close to an oxymoron.

Civil unrest in the streets, a viral pandemic killing 1000 Americans per day, unemployment over 10%…the most urgent priority the Government should be addressing is “Cancel Culture”. Probably next they should tackle Transgender bathrooms and maybe that Caravan “emergency”.

Now THAT’S a fact!!!

Oxymorons from morons…

CNN fact checkers claimed Trump is wrong on the cancel culture not surprising to see some here defending CNN

CNN didn’t say that. There are clips floating around the internet. They said that Trump denounced “cancel culture” during his speech but rightfully pointed out that Trump promotes cancel culture as well.

What did CNN get wrong about Trumps speech?

Ah yes you do realize this is the same news network who was giving Hillary Clinton free advertising which they also admit it a few years back in 2016?

Its not surprising that CNN is pushing heavily to defend, protect, support or hide anything wrong Biden does or will say i mean remember Hillary? when she clearly had some medical problems CNN kept denying it? why defend CNN?

Right, when the Democrat platform is nothing but free stuff, open borders, climate change, abortion on demand, free healthcare, green energy deal, and Socialism.

Where are those things in the Dem platform again?

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I’m not defending them. I’m just asking what their fact checkers got wrong about Trump’s speech.

CNN is giving Biden a free advertising platform. Attacking and claiming that Trump was wrong in his speech is further proof that CNN should be renamed as DNNC. Democrat’s news network.

Pointing out inaccuracies and lies in someone’s speech is not an attack. CNN fact checked both conventions.


I’m not going to discuss this with you since your post is a lie. That is not the Democratic Platform, which has been readily available for some time now.