CNN poll: Biden +4

Here is why this is significant - same pollster had Biden +14 in early June and +11 in March

Question is , what has happened that Trump has been able to close the gap ?

Another reason why this is significant - senator Clinton had a similar lead over Donald Trump going into November of 2016

Reason why Biden is likely in better shape than Clinton - rarely did Senator Clinton break the 50 point threshold in her polling, something that Vice President Biden has been able to do quite consistently this year:

Proves CNN is fake news.

One think to remember is that one poll does not make a trend. There always can be what some refer to a “glitch” poll. And there are a lot of reasons that it happens. And what is also important is that almost every poll has a different MOE. One of the interesting things is the reliability of a poll which isn’t determined until after the election.

People, including traditional dimocrat voting blocs, don’t like seeing the country burning, and rioting and looting and ABSOLUTE ZERO leadership from any dimocrats including scarecrow joe.

The rioting, looting, burning strategy is a massive failure.


They just won’t stop…at least until a good number of the worst offenders are incarcerated.

Biden could not appeal to them to stop even if he made sense.


That old story about bobby kennedy saving Indianapolis from the riots when mlk jr. was shot would have been a good test of leadership for today’s dimocrats. Unfortunately, there is a complete leadership vacuum because they are all too terrified of “being cancelled.”

Then of course there’s the perfect “coincidence” of prison releases, no bail and leftist DAs not charging criminals.

Even their own constituents have to be appalled at this point.


As the country sees the Democrats tolerance of the behavior in the cities, it will drive people to Republicans. I find Trumps narcissism and tweets disgusting.
“Defund the Police” movement by Biden and the Democrats is worse. :elephant: :us:


Polls normally tend to tighten as it gets closer to an election, so this is exactly what I would expect.

Check out this story from Pittsburgh this weekend. Cops arrest vandal and the mob goes after the Mayor.

Social media explodes with laughter at the white mob eating its own and creating new Trump voters.

It was hilarious to watch the rudderless mob eat the city mayor who grew up in suburban Bridgeville.


Yep, if Democrats act like they have this thing won, they will end up losing. They need to spend the next 11 weeks acting like they are a few points behind!

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I ve never put much faith in polls…but anyone who believes clueless Joe was ever up double digits was kidding him/herself.

The pollsters have agendas too…but at some point even they have to quit using their polls to try to shape the election and accurately reflect what’s really going on.

This election is way bigger than Trump V Biden…

It’s about putting a 4 year hold on the socialists desire to turn this country into something it was never intended to be.

I ve never been called by a pollster. If I ever was I would tell them that I m never voting for a Democrat as long as that party stays in the socialist sewer it has fallen into.

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They’re not rudderless.



I hope most Americans wouldn’t stop their criticism of trump at tweets and narcissisim.

I hope most Americans don’t forget that he was running concentration camps in 2018, for example.

Biden and is mouth is the best advertisement to vote for Trump.

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No he was not.

Where do you people get this crap.

If you are talking about the border our border patrol agents killed themselves trying to take care of people who legally were not supposed to be here…and Democrats were posting pictures of kids on cages blaming Trump and if I remember right the pictures were from 2014.

Please let’s have an honest debate.

Oh yeah…the ones built by Obama…amirite? :sunglasses:


Let’s have the honest debate then.

In June 2017, after an evidentiary hearing, the district court granted in part plaintiffs’ motion to enforce. In its order (“the Order”), the court found that the government was violating the Agreement’s express requirements to provide adequate access to appropriate food and water and “adequate temperature controls at a reasonable and comfortable range.”

The court further found that although the Agreement “makes no mention of the words ‘soap,’ ‘towels,’ ‘showers,’ ‘dry clothing,’ or ‘toothbrushes,’ . . . these hygiene products fall within the rubric of the Agreement’s language requiring ‘safe and sanitary’ conditions.” Certain Border Patrol stations, the district court found, were violating paragraph 12A of the Agreement by failing to provide such sanitary necessities.

Lacking in food, water, and packed together in unsanitary conditions during the blistering heat of sunbelt summer. The administration’s arguments are an unremorseful, full-throated defense of these conditions. They’re concentration camps by any definition.

Didn’t Trump previously call CNN polls fake news?

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Appointed by Barack Obama
Central District of California Dolly M. Gee District Judge, Presiding…golly m gee…I’m shocked, I tell ya. :sunglasses:

The good news is, Trump got Mexico to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border and we’re using the savings from this to build the wall. You know…one could say, Mexico is paying for the wall. If this is successful, illegals can never experience what you allege?

You keep posting what I was going to say before I can say it! But thank you. Well played!

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