CNN+ just went belly up

It looks like the market for premium lies, propaganda, and misinformation is not nearly as large as expected.

How will the 10,000 subscribers manage with only standard lies, propaganda, and misinformation?


With the reported amount of money down the tubes, one has to wonder if they were running some sort of money-laundering operation with this venture.

I think that people will not spend a extra $6 per month for streaming news and a few special programs.

Yep…companies are way overestimating what people will spend on streaming services.

I watch what they tease as CNN+ content on their main page.

They have never put anything there that convinced me to plop down extra dollars to see.

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It looks like the management consultant made millions by telling CNN leadership what they wanted to hear.

Who would have thought that charging a subscription for services that practically no one is watching for free would be likely to fail?

I’m pretty sure FoxNation is doing just fine :wink: at about the same subscription price.

They (wbd) already has HBO MAX (which added 3,000,000 subscribers in the last three months)

New management didn’t want to throw more money down the rats nest and pulled the plug on this disaster.


Who knows, do they publish their subscribers base.

bTW Netflix took it on the chin losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter.


Actually we don’t know how well Fox Nation is doing. Fox never lets anyone know what their subscriber count is.

They do routinely touts Tubi numbers (their other streaming service) but never Fox Nation.

Any news organization that would place Brain Stelter into their news anchor position, deserves to be bankrupt for their total display of incompetence…and ahhhhhhhhh…poor Chris Wallace.


The business model was based on 2 million subscribers. They got 10,000.

They were off by a factor of 200. OOPS!


So then Bill is wrong and people WILL pay extra for premium lies, distortions and propaganda.


As demonstrated by Fox Nation.


These are the same people that gladly donate to a known grifter and to every other Con victim that throws a “Go fund me” page up…So that isn’t saying much…lol

Yes, Fox has plenty of lies, propaganda, and misinformation. Their news department accepted the CIA-imposed gag order on the Biden laptop, and they allowed Chris Wallace to promote the fine-people hoax.

The difference is that they allowed Tucker Carlson to present an alternative viewpoint. Carlson presented interviews with a Biden business associate who confirmed the contents of laptop. He also documented the government lies and misinformation about January 6.

CNN is pure state-sponsored propaganda from what I can see. You can get the same crap from any of the mainstream media. It is obvious why CNN+ has failed miserably.


Fox has plenty of lies, propaganda, and misinformation.

But they also have Tucker Carlson.

Anyways, CNN+ always seemed like a bad idea, the network isn’t doing great in the ratings and they just had some turmoil with Cuomo and management. I don’t see how a 24 hour news network just needs more time for side projects and somehow thinks people are going to pay extra. When I read they hired Chris Wallace it was mildly intriguing until i got to the “for a show on cnn+”. Oh, so you paid the money to get him for something no one would see. Go it.


Who thought it was a good idea to take a news channel that nobody watches and make a premium version of it ?


Well, yeah. That’s where you get the premium Carlson nuttery.


Can you watch him tan his private parts there?

Cuz I am NOT paying to see that!


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