Clueless in Chicago - The Deathhouse Continues Thanks To MSDNC

MSDNC- a term I did not coin. A catchall for all media not conservative based. A term that will live in infamy.

MSDNC is propaganda. Propaganda drives leftist opinion. Propaganda is lies and omission of truth. MSDNC covers for the democrat stronghold and American slaughterhouse known as Chicago.

Chicago has had 10 Democrats and no Republicans in 84 years.

The problem with Chicago is obvious to anyone who has two brain cells. It is a failed town in a failing state precisely because it has been run by the democrats longer than most people have been alive. They have run it into the ground.

Any reasonable person will confess and admit that if Chicago was run by republicans the national MSDNC democrat controlled media would be in complete meltdown over the carnage. Would have been in complete and unremitting meltdown for decades.

And yet… Here we are: Chicago who? What? “Never heard of it!” cries MSDNC and their sycophant robodem apologists, averting their horrified eyes. Some true believer dems even make sick jokes about the record setting killings and mutilations. Men, women, babies.

— [LucyLou] “…Lol can’t stop laughing.”

The above stat taken from a VERY interesting op ed in the Baltimore Sun…a rag not known for rightist leanings… Publish Date July 2, 2015 BT (Before Trump, several thousand shootings ago.)

And yet still people don’t understand the difference between an OpEd and the news portion of a newspaper. And these are the people who want to run our cities…

Maybe they need to offer the citizens of Chicago more free social welfare stuff from government.

Have they taken a page from the Clinton playbook, and tried midnight basketball?

They tried making Chicago a sanctuary city from federal law enforcement. Maybe they can one up everyone else and make it a sanctuary city, free from state law enforcement too.


Right and then there is New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, etc etc etc.

Has the RW propaganda machine resurrected a 3 year old badly written op-ed by some random old rich Republican? Lol can’t stop laughing.

Lol every drug dealer in the universe gets their dope and coke from Central/South America, China or South Asia somewhere up the line. Unless it’s pills. That’s upstanding suburban middle class American white people selling them that.

If you knew anything about Chicago, you’d know it’s pretty much the only city where outside gangs have enormous difficulty establishing a foothold because the homegrown gangs-Latin Kings, Black Gangster Disciples, El Rukns, etc.-murder them en masse when they try. Actually that’s a thing that goes all the way back to the Capone era.

Looks that way.

Good links but they prefer to turn a blind eye.

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The post above points this out. To even acknowledge would be hateful to them.

Yeah, if there’s anyone who’s totally ignorant about the realities of the inner cities, it’s definitely me. Lol

Them? You mean me? Dude.

You aren’t ignorant but apparently don’t really care about the situation.

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No, you’re the one crying crocodile tears strictly for political advantage. You don’t give a ■■■■ about these people.

Me? I’ve actually done work on these issues in my city, which I guarantee is more than you can say.

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That’s what you did, right? Googled and posted links? Did you actually read all those articles?

I have to call bull crap on the accusations and disgust on the low class language.

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Ah yes.

More Right Wing lunacy on display in the OP.

GOD how I do so love the entertainment of this place.


If Obama wasn’t from Chicago you wouldn’t even know about most of this. It’s pure partisan hackery.

And I’m gonna guess your punt means you haven’t put your money where your mouth is on these issues.

But you’re the one that really cares.

False accusations once again.

LOL that. So knowing that Latin drugs are one of the problems, why make Chicago a sanctuary city? It will make the flow of drugs that much more hassle free. Sinaloa Cartel, or any foreign crime outfit, can send their people to Chicago and feel assured that the city is going to help them stay clear of the feds.

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Why don’t you knee jerk critics of mine just flat out say making Chicago a sanctuary City was a great idea, and has zero impact on crime at all. Jeeez, anything to support the looney left. You can’t even admit when someone may have a good point, if it means you might have to agree with them. Because you fear it might make you look at odds with a Democrat agenda item.