Clinton Global Initiative open for Business (pay to play) Again

Says the guy who chases nearly every conspiracy out there…

  • Their 2001 tax return reports $13.7 million in gross receipts for his “speaking and writing” business.

He has been giving speeches for 15+ years…do the math.

Unlike the garbage links you post…there is actual evidence to back up what was said.

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So? Incumbent president is still the single biggest advantage in American politics. It translates roughly to a free five points over your opponent. Plus the bully pulpit.

I saw one of her books in books a million a couple of years ago and they were nearly giving them away. About 5 bucks.

They weren’t selling but somebody wanted to throw some money Hillary’s way apparently. :roll_eyes:

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Anyone who takes advantage of their popularity to make money is fine by me. No one is forcing anyone to attend those speeches, or buy their books.

Looks like another con who does not like capitalism.

I’m still not betting he makes it through another three years. Let’s see how he is after year two?

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She still made money.

Yet another con who does not like capitalism.

You aren’t wrong. If you look at literally any “NYT best selling book” by a right wing pundit you will see the little dagger icon that means bulk sales. Because the big right wing foundations by them in the tens of thousands and then give them away for free in swag bags at conferences and stuff.

Didn’t you see this last sentence? Maybe lib/prog politicians should talk about how they have amassed wealth to the ignorant sheeple when they are campaigning?

Pays well being a democrat.

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What was Hillary’s occupation from 2001-2008?

:rofl: You realize Joe won’t be able to campaign from his basement this time? He will have to win a primary against someone the party hopes will draw independents back. And that primary challenger will use every topic that has turned off independents against him.

Pays well to be a former popular pol, no matter the party.

Politician. And?

Are you jealous?

Says the Russian collusion, illusion, delusionalist who sucked from that nipple of lies for over 3 years.

Then Kamala gets challenged. She is the only candidate for that party worse than Joe.

Not at all. Just saying it pays to be a democrat in office getting all those sweet deals.

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Every president we hear about how they’re going to get primaried before re-election and it literally never happens because anyone who studies electoral politics knows that Reagan’s attempt to primary Ford from the right cost Ford the election in ‘76 and Ted Kennedy’s attempt to primary Carter from the left in ‘80 cost got Reagan elected, ironically, before either were even really contested in the general.

The incumbent advantage as president is so strong that Truman ran against two other Democrats as well as a Republican in the general election and still squeaked out a win.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know figures into that a lot.

If Trump ran again it could be interesting. It would possibly be a repeat of Grover Cleveland, the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.

The election would be interesting since both are very well known quantities at this point and both would have one term under their belts. No devil you may know situation.

Influence selling?