Clinton Global Initiative open for Business (pay to play) Again

Bill Clinton says the pandemic and Ukrainian crisis are the reasons the world needs the Clinton Global Initiative again after more than 5 years. Of course the pandemic has been a global issue for 2 years. Biden’s poor numbers and bleak political future are more likely the driving factor. If anyone wondered if she is planning to run again…

Amid Russia war on Ukraine, Bill Clinton relaunching Clinton Global Initiative


From the link:

"Amid the Russian war on Ukraine and the coronavirus, former President Bill Clinton announced Friday that the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is resuming full operations after largely shuttering in early 2017."

As their position of power and political influence dried up so did their donations. :man_shrugging:


Exactly, and the only thing that would change that is her planning to run again.

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I’d rather he go shack up with someone, somewhere and talk about grandchildren and golf scores and it’s obviously a damn good thing Epstein “hung himself”.

I suspect the financial burn rate of their 2 household, two life style reality is pretty high. And you don’t hear a whole lot about speaking fees for either if them.

She definitely wants to run again, I don’t believe the DNC powers to be want that. I can’t see it being Joe or Kamala, current frontrunner is likely Buttigieg.

The rumors are flying about her running again. She has always thought herself Entitled to the office.

Ego big as all outdoors.

Clinton isn’t running again.

I feel the Clinton pain…

The Clinton’s are a pain. :grinning:

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That can’t all be a coincidence.

Creating opportunities.

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Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure the incumbent president is going to run again considering it’s the largest single advantage in politics.

They have an estimated net worth of $120 million. I’m sure they are getting by just fine. She’s not running again.

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Hillary is running.

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Obviously Secretary of State and being POTUS pays huge salaries?

Probably the nominee. They have no one else much.

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An analysis by CNN early this year concluded that the Clintons were paid $153.7 million for speeches they gave between 2001 and 2015, when she launched her current presidential campaign.

Also on the 2001 return, Hillary Clinton reported receiving $2.9 million, the first installment of an $8 million advance for her memoir, Living History.

Damn capitalism!

paid $153.7 million for speeches

Yeah…that’s what it was. Now…keep swallowing and keep regurgibleating nonsense.


So being in those positions of power has NOTHING to do with it? I guess none of us have anything to complain about regarding making in America then, right!

The majority of the incumbent’s own party want him replaced on the ticket.