Climate change will wreck economic growth, major government report says

So is climate change real or is it fake news?

“Without substantial and sustained global mitigation and regional adaptation efforts, climate change is expected to cause growing losses to American infrastructure and property and impede the rate of economic growth over this century,” wrote the authors of the Fourth National Climate Assessment Volume II.

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Fake News.
We can’t do anything about it even it were true.


I want great climate!

A good raking will take of all that.


We had the chance to pay a little bit yesterday or a whole lot tomorrow.

Because as a species we are terrible at considering costs that we won’t bear… we chose poorly.


Why did they change the name to “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”? Which is what the initial worries were about.

I’m a conservative who believes in AGW, but it would have to be a global effort to lower its effects. The west can cut emissions all day long and is immediately negated when China and India fire up a new coal plant. The Paris accord did nothing to halt China and India from firing up new coal plants. Without that it’s a non starter.

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Its cold outside in December thus global warming is fake.

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The ultimate game of chicken! On a global scale!


I still can’t decide about climate change because I’m not smart enough to understand it.

It is interesting that they release this report today. Definitely feels like they’re trying to bury it.

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Why is it a non-starter? Is a half effort better than a no effort?

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why hasn’t Algore opened a snorkel factory?

The actual theoretical component of it is not all that complicated: human activity in particularly the burning of fossil fuels is having adverse effects on our climate. The genuine debate focuses around to what extent can genuinely attributed to said activity.

Well… this report says higher future costs if nothing is done.

So the extent of the activity seems to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars that children yet to be born will have to pay.

It is a global problem this is why I liked the term “Global Warming” better than “Climate Change”. We can cut as much missions as we like it will do nothing unless China, India, and Russia get on board. It’s like putting a bandaid on a compound fracture.

And now since the west has made China rich you have millions on new drivers on the road emitting deadly emissions into the air. I am on your side but everyone has to be on board.

How exactly did CO2 cause the fire in CA as this report claims? Seems to me O2 is the bigger culprit there.

Don’t worry.

You guys won.

You won’t have to pay for it.

Other people will.


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There was a Hurricane in the Caribbean, therefore global warming is already killing people.

Climate change is like an asteroid heading directly for the Earth. Except conservatives pretend the asteroid doesn’t exist. Maybe if climate change was an evil plan hatched by the French or Venezuela- then they would care.

Al gore flies in airplanes.

Something, something.