Cleveland…. Guardians?

Guardians of what? I don’t get it.

If they went Cleveland Guardians of the Galaxy and had Groot as a mascot I could get behind it… but just Guardians? Just so…. Blah.


Is this a proposed new nickname for the baseball team?

No longer proposed.

Should’ve just changed the logo to something Hindu and kept the name. lol

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Huh. I didn’t think a change was coming so soon. I looked it up:

“The name Guardians is a reference to well-known Art Deco statues located on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga River and connects downtown Cleveland to the city’s trendy Ohio City neighborhood. Those statues are known as the ‘Guardians of Traffic.’”

So apparently they’re the “Guardians of Traffic.” :slight_smile:

Wow… that’s worse now that I know that…. What’s their logo going to be, a traffic jam?


Well, if we’re suggesting logos…


:rofl: love it!

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The red cars might trigger someone though. Maybe change that part up.

Good point… red paint, redskin… too close.

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The burning river?

Yea thats pretty bad…

I would go with a never controversial Crusader helmet.


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starting next season the Indians will be no more, they will be changing their name to the Guardians

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team will change its name to Guardians, the franchise announced Friday, dropping the racially offensive name it has been known as for more than a century.

The change was announced in a video on Twitter narrated by Oscar winner Tom Hanks, who early in his acting career and starred in the women’s baseball movie “A League of Their Own.”

Is the word Indian offensive?

Maybe I can get redskin, since that was used as a derogatory term at one point.

But Indian??

They are not from India.

If this privately owned team wants to change their name, then more power to 'em. I personally kinda like the name. Looking forward to those “Guardians of the Galaxy” themed nights.

I get that.

But is it considered derogatory?

For the record, it’s a private company who can do whatever they wish to do.

I just don’t understand the big deal around it.

mixed opinion some prefer the term Indigenous.