Clarification Needed on Flagging

Can we have clarification on what GW said in another thread please - If you flag a post and the mods deem that no action needs to be taken will the person who flagged the post be automatically considered as harassing that poster and face a ban/time out?

If you flag a lot of posts that you “don’t like” but are not a violation, or you continually flag someone of the opposing view of yourself (while ignoring something worse that was quoted by that person that is of the same view of yourself), or continually flag just one or two posters and not others . . . those fall under harassment.

Understood - Thanks.

The clarification is in reading the context of what I posted.

Sorry for the parsing. The point was, don’t harass the poster if you think they’re in violation. If you feel the need to do so, warn, flag and move on. Otherwise, you’re playing mod, which is what became of that thread.

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