Clarence Thomas Has Reportedly Been Accepting Gifts From Republican Megadonor Harlan Crow For Decades—And Never Disclosed It

I flew in a very nice private plane. Got a chief-made sandwich, a free hotel room and even got paid a lot of money.

read the thread, I’m not going to read it for you

something is off…

the chart and anyone who believes it.


its not 2M either. these are leftist fever dreams


Crowe needed a black friend?

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you shrug off 4K form p diddy’s drug mule. who gave her the 12K artwork? Story says she didn’t report who it was from.


But someone found chart, and then a graph! :rofl:


Your kind of small minded partisan thinking is what is destroying the country.


Are you on the Supreme Court of the United States?

In color!

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Does it matter?

Of course.

If you, a a private citizen, who has no need to remain impartial, takes a gift from a wealthy friend who has interests before the highest court in the country, who cares?

If a judge on that court does, well, that should matter.


Judges are human.

I’ve already identified twice from a list from a previous poster how Thomas voted against Crowes interest. Have you identified even once where he voted for it? I’m sure he will at some point, but it will have nothing to do with Crowe, he’s already shown that has no impact.


And are allowed to exchange gifts with friends, I presume, just like other humans.


Because their job requires impartiality to those before it.

I can’t find the post you mention. If you don’t want to repost it, just tell me the case names and I’ll google.

the link is in post 1240

oops, the list in in 1240. I quoted the poster that the link was in 1240 but the leftist couldn’t even be honest about that.

Wealthy people who fund amicus briefs in multiple Supreme Court cases should not pretend ot have no business before the court.

Uh, oh. Look like the guy Clarence and Ginni Thomas have raised as a son is looking at 25 years. They probably had better hopes for him after Harlan Crow paid for the son’s education.