Civilized Society

This is the veneer of your “civilized society” stripped away by chicken sandwiches.

“Civilized” indeed, this society of yours. Outraged by Trump mean tweets, “micro-aggressions” in colleges and Russian mean girls on facebook.

“Disarm yourself, we’re civilized!” “Don’t wrongspeak, we’re civilized!” “Pay our bills, we’re civilized!”

What a country!

Killing each other and fighting in cities over ■■■■■■■ fast food chicken sandwiches.

And you want to make laws for me?

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That news bit video on the employee brawl, holy crap. The excitement in everyone’s voice, including the narrator… :thinking:

Exacerbated by the media hyenas always.

This thread is political, please put it back in the correct forum.

The guy was damn near a hero for getting that on video. :thinking:

I didn’t realize a popeye’s chicken in Milwaukee is indicative of our society at large enough to ignore the behavior of pur President.



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Apparently there are quite a few things unrealized.

I didn’t realize you were a Trump fan


I heard Popeyes had some child labor going on.


If I need a chicken sandwich that badly, I will go to Chick-fil-A. :smile:

It will get worse when there is a true recession/depression people will become primal. We are living in one of the most prosperous times in history and society is set fragmenting into identity groups, what do people think will happen if there is a true crisis on a major magnitude whether it’s a replay of the financial crisis or a sovereign debt meltdown.

Yep we still do, I hate to break it to you but we’re not perfect.

By the way, since you think we’re so savage then you would agree its a good idea to keep guns out of our savage hands, right?

Historically speaking, violence and crime is down.

Our president is certainly doing his part to tone down the rhetoric and make our society more civilized. As my dad use to say, everything rises and falls on leadership.

Oh, wait…

Your hands? Absolutely.


Historically speaking, murder over chicken in cities is through the roof.

Your society is garbage.


Trump is not a leader. No President is.

I haven’t been in a Popeyes since they came out.

I’m not waiting in line for an hour for a ■■■■■■■ chicken sandwich I can make at the house.