Cindy McCain posts hateful message she received from a stranger

Here we go.

An American president (all because of politics) trashes an American POW who was tortured and gave up and decided to commit suicide and now the nut jobs are going to come out the wood work to taunt his widow and wish death to his daughter. On the same day our president renewed his hate for McCain. This is to be expected.

The message that Cindy McCain received is the type of thing that is regularly posted in the Breibart comments section.


This was one of my big concerns with a Trump presidency. When you have a president that acts in the hateful way that Donald Trump acts, it is going to inspire the worst behavior from those who would normally be ashamed to display such abhorrent behavior in public. That is where we are as a nation right now. Behavior that is abhorrent by normal standards is now considered perfectly acceptable.


Standing by for the inevitable “a Trump critic obviously posted this to make his supporters look bad” dismissal.


What type of low information gutter dweller writes this type of hateful garbage

Trump supporters, that’s who. He’s given them a license with how vile and hateful he is himself. His supporters are acting just like him.




The fact that elected republicans haven’t had the balls to speak out against the president with any volume of numbers tells us where the GOP “party” is.


Let the doxing begin… Come out, come out, wherever you are

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That’s precisely why I had to formally split with the GOP. I had been active with the GOP at the local, district, and state level at one point. I’ll have nothing to do with them now. They have sold themselves out to a charlatan.


The type that line up to be spoon fed lies by Fox News and Donald Trump each day while making sure to like each of his grade school level tweets.


When you have one so-called Senator kiss donnie butt after donnie insults his wife and another so-called Senator kiss donnie butt after donnie insults his long-time best friend in the Senate…either donnie has something really bad on them, or they are sadly the weakest “people” we’ve seen in Washington.

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These type of comments are from all types of supporters of all things. I read comments after the covington school issue that wanted the school to burn up with all the kids inside. Hardly doubt they were Trump supporters.

It’s about the cruelty.

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Lindsey is such a lame piece of ■■■■ in all this. Leader my ass

But it’s okay…they can toss on a cowboy hat and talk about guns to let the right know what “men” they are.


I wonder who she is here.

Throughout our history, Democrats have always shown courageousness, while Republicans have always shown cowardice.


Politians have only one goal, and that’s to get re-elected. It’s true on both sides. And go with whatever direction the winds are blowing. And as long as it benefits them republicans will continue to kiss Trump’s butt. Until it doesn’t, of course.