CIA briefing on journalist murder

The reactions of the Senators coming out of that briefing is nuts.

Hows about some…info?

It is amazing how hard the White House is willing to face plant on this.

I said a couple of weeks ago that maybe that this may be the turn… especially after losing the House.

I’m shocked that after month of every single western intelligence organization saying it.

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You can understand why the WH tried to ban the CIA from briefing the Senate.

MBS owns the President.

The only question is who has the First Trust Deed. Is it Putin or MBS? I’m betting Putin’s number one and MBS has the second.


Meh… rep senators will roll over like the sycophant dogs they are and do whatever trump tells them to do re MBS


It’ll be interesting to see if Republicans grow a spine dealing with Trump’s strange unwillingness to denounce MBS.

Our countries morality is now for sale :rage:


I need to point out while you guys are bitching about Saudis killing that journalist they totally ignore what happens when journalist that speaks out against that brutal regime in China. Oh they stopped torturing and killing em…now they throw them in jail to rot without any medical treatment.

Meanwhile the west wanting to punishes Saudis and drive them into he hands of Chinese and all it’s infrastructure that the west built over the last 80 years.

And don’t get started on this carbon tax that silly idiots on the left BS. Driving up prices while China doesn’t have to comply till 2030 I think? Which by then the west economy and manufacturing base is all but gutted.

Lindsay Graham seems even more dug in now than before. Looks like Haspel told the truth that Pompeo and Mattis refused to tell. I wonder how endearing this will make her to the Master?

Holy ■■■■ what’s up with the trump admin covering

They won’t grow enough of a spine for it to matter. But they will likely re-affirm their past vote regarding the war in Yemen.

The real damaging part here though is the administration’s continued assault on our intelligence community. Pompeo should be ashamed of himself. But that would assume he has shame at all, which he clearly does not. They are all the worst people our country has to offer.



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Well that was a bunch of tangential rambling nonsense!

And Trump is the one is the one that is all bi-polar and suddenly “warm” with China; love letters incoming?

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This post is nothing more that metaphorical kicking of sand over a room-sized turd.


Just a reminder.

They seriously did? Link?

Here is another completely fair line of questions, and would stand to reason for why Trump is willing to engage on an assault on the CIA to run cover for MBS here…

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