Christian involvement in politics

Christian involvement in politics is one of the best ways to ensure that America continues to reverse course and goes back to honoring God. If we abandon that responsibility or vote in some way that does not represent a biblical worldview, we leave a vaccuum that will be filled by those who do not share biblical values.

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How do Trump’s values dovetail with Christian morality? Nothing about policy, but about raw dogging porn stars, multiple affairs, running beauty pageants, valuing profit over everything, etc.

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Are you saying the first and foremost thing we should rate when evaluating a anyone for government office–whether elected or appointed–is his/her sex life? What do you recommend evaluating after that?

How far down the list does something like not protecting Benghazi, lying about Benghazi, and running away from the political fall-out of Benghazi? How far down on your list must we go before we start rating a candidate’s stated policies on economics, jobs, trade, taxes, and national security?

In a thread called “Christian involvement in politics” in the religion forum, I would say yes. A man’s character should be at or near the top of the list when evaluating him or her.

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As you can already see, they like to talk the high ideals, but lack the principals(morals) to carry them out. And they always have an excuse.

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Lol trumps sex life is just the start of it. But yes we get it. You guys sold out your morals for tax cuts.

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There were like 10 Benghazi investigations and the final report cleared Hillary. Go back to your safe space

I’m pretty sure he’s not saying that. If you’re unsure, read his post again. But i get that you gotta run interference for trump.

Many of his personal values don’t. I can’t even say that I’m sure his political values actually match what he most certainly IS doing. Whether or not he is sincerely invested morally of politically in the political initiatives he’s doing, the results ARE what matter politically.

The linked blog is not about Trump. It’s about each Christian discerning his place in politics. Maybe if more were willing to face the political grinder, the nation wouldn’t have to rely on the ones who eschew religion and run this nation now.

The OP is just promoting his blog. Boring.

In personal life and behavior, in many ways, they don’t dovetail at all. When it comes to policy, he has done many things that Christians have wanted for a long time.

To be fair, Democrats said the same thing about Clinton and Republicans disagreed. Now it’s exactly the other way around on both sides because this President is from the other party.

Sorry, but speaking as a Christian myself, those Christians who backed Trump during the 2016 election pretty much destroyed the credibility of the church for at least a generation.

Are you aware that Christianity is a choice of how an individual chooses to live his/her own life? We choose The Way Christ taught, and part of that way is to focus on own relationships with God and others–not to judge others.

Think about it. Would you like a Christian to follow you around the workplace or show up at your home at night and point out all your failings and then have you removed from your job on the grounds of failing to act like a proper Christian?

Good point. What people actually want is to mobilize and manipulate a large group of people to vote for their candidate. Ranting about how “Good Christians” should or should not vote no longer works on savvy voters.

I would like “Christians” to not excuse the biggest asshat of a human to possibly ever grace DC because they want abortion to be illegal.

I’m pretty sure Jesus/the Bible is not OK with excusing almost every sin short of murder just to get your way politically. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s almost the opposite of what being a Christian is about.

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What do you think of the press revealing an individual’s sex life?

Stormy Daniels told about her own sex life. There was no “reavealing.” But continue to run interference for tiny trump, as you always do.

lol, Trump revealed his sex life to tabloids for the press.

Here’s a thought…when someone tells you who they are, believe them.

Meri is going to complain about “gossip” again. trump’s behavior is never an issue. judge ye not lest ye be judged.