CHOP, just another fine example of the failure of modern liberalism

We were all told how wonderful a place CHOP was by the left. Finally a place free of cops and completely run by many of our fine young liberal citizens (who I assume didn’t have jobs), the true shining city on a hill. We were all going to witness the “summer of love” as pontificated by the liberal mayor of Seattle. Well how did that work out?

Looks like we are all in agreement here. Common ground is a good thing and a good place to start.

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Funny enough there has been a similar community living in the middle of the capital of Denmark since the 70’s.

Freedom apparently isn’t for everyone.

I have been there a few times. Pretty amazing place.

Pretty sketchy too if you are not with the right people and acting correctly. You will get rolled out of there for stupid ■■■■ like taking photos and being and ■■■■■■■■ Quick

It was a hippie block party. It had to end eventually, and probably badly.

Did you read that article?

What do you mean by freedom?

I’ve been to Copenhagen 6 or 7 times. Lived there for a stretch of 4 weeks working on an archaeological site at Vedbaek.

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next time you visit Denmark tell them your Canadian :wink: you will never buy your own beer.

What do you mean what do I mean? I mean freedom.

That’s rich. The first time I flew to Europe was as a graduate student in the summer of 1975 to work on archaeological excavations in Holland and Denmark. Took Icelandic to Luxembourg. On the train to Amsterdam was in a compartment with 6 people. At that time my foreign language was minimal, but I was later proficient in Spanish, French, and Dutch. My hair was more than shoulder length and had a headband, and I looked vaguely American Indian. The passengers noticed my silence and began to tease me as an American. In frustration, I looked at them and said “Navajo.” They shut the ■■■■ up.

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Everyone loves Canadians :smile:
American get teased everywhere they travel.

I don’t. Ever.

The best thing about being an American in Europe is that I lived and worked there for 4 years. Those were somewhat in the days of “the ugly American.” But I was no tourist. The experience was entirely different. I had an office an the Institute of Earth Science at the Catholic University of Leuven, and later a Fulbright-Hayes scholarship from the the United States government.

But here’s the cool thing. On my first 1975 trip I took the wrong train to Amsterdam and ended up in Antwerp (the hometown of my eventual girlfriend). They threw my out of the train station at 2:00 am. I wandered the streets and ran into a policeman who directed me to the “sleep in.” They had a stretcher for me to sleep on, but I couldn’t. Went to the bar downstairs and play my Scott Joplin ragtime numbers on the piano. They bought me all beers. The next day, took a bus to the Netherlands.

You don’t have to be Canadian to get beer!

In other words, grease the right palms.

Believe it or not, Copenhagen and much of Sweden are big skateboard fans. I have been to compete a few times. Great people, and always a great time.

Not at all. Respect the rules or get kicked out. No photos, no fighting, no hard drugs. You do not see the regulators but pull out a camera and they pop out of no where to warn or be escorted out.

they also have support of the local government and police to help them enforce their rules.

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