Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Coronavirus cures?

“Science” is no longer scientific, it is now a political weapon wielded by activists with an agenda.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking “Climate Change”, Economics, or Medicine, “Science” has been co opted and replaced with an agenda.

You can stay inside.


I wasn’t referring to science, I was referring to math.

Who are you talking to?

“Math” is a science.

DTTB call must have gone out.

You believe in it too.

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“Science” didn’t say any of the things other than 6’ and 20 seconds.

The rest was politicians…likely cutting deals.

Believe in what?

No? Are you sure?

Science didn’t say ventilators?

Who do you think has their hands up the pols asses making their mouths move?

Anti-Intellectualism 101: Course synopsis.

How many credit hours is that worth at Trump University and Dinner Club?

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Authoritarian High Modernism 101: Course synopsis.

How many credit hours is that worth at Lab Coat University and Government Will Fix All Dinner Club?

You consider yourself an intellectual?

High modernism (authoritarian or not).

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Why do you say that Jay?

Because you were disappointed that the author of the article “didn’t offer solutions”.

Never crossed your mind there might be no solutions to save our modern civilization…why else would you be disappointed she had none to offer?

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Problem monitors are a dime a dozen. Anything that cheap usually disappoints me.

Did I say a “government solution”? “Science solution”?

Regulations are not all bad, they don’t usually start out that way. They quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. We passed it long ago.

India has just intercepted an illegal (falsely labeled as plastic pouches) shipment of masks to… Guess where… China.
And another of Hydroxychloroquine being sent to the US: illegal because they want it in India for use here. Are they quacks here?

The math of showing the efficacy of a treatment is pretty straightforward and hard to shade politically.

Her math is 98%.

Balderdash, you’re shading it politically.

This is practicing medicine.




Sounds like you are advocating no treatment since most people who get no treatment recover. :wink: