Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Coronavirus cures?

Lots of news stories of these two drugs being effective at treating Coronavirus and preventing the virus from taking hold (the hydroxy version). Both drugs have been used for about 60 years to combat malaria. Could be a very big deal and controlled test group results are promising. More “official” results due this week. Fingers crossed!


Can we buy stock in these products? :wink:

This could be a great opportunity to compare how many civilians end up with intestinal ulcers from Quine meds as opposed to the troops.

Maybe they’ll even give Mefloquine another chance. :rofl:


Mefloquine… have any crazy dreams you care to share while on that??

That stuff sucked - a pill every day in Afghanistan.

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Thank you both for your service. :+1: :us: :clap:

True, but for a short term regimen for those close to death it may save them. It kills the germ, lowers the severity, & decreases the length of recovery.

Doxycycline was the daily pill. As it turns out, I am highly allergic to it and other Tetracycline variants.

I was in stead prescribed Mefloquine, which you only have to take once a week.

Good thing I only took it for two straight deployments before it was banned for causing brain damage.


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So that explains it…:sunglasses:

You walked right into that one, man!



Jumping to the conclusion where that’s the only factor, eh? :wink:

There are a lot of drugs out there that it appears doctors have used in a pinch, but we have to be patient and see if they pan out in general use.

I have a feeling we are going to soon have enough patients on which to test this stuff out.

Reason to hope though…human ingenuity is almost unlimited.

Humans may be defeated by nature some day, but I do like that they will go down swinging.


Manufacturer of generic I believe: Stock symbol = AMPE

I’m not sure I want to know the other factors…:flushed:

Seriously you are an easygoing poster but if I do cross the line joking back, let me know…

“Grena–!!! … ♫ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♫” :wink:

Thank you for your service.

If I may quite Charlie Harper from 2.5 Men… “I’m all about messing with brain chemistry…”

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I think I’ll add that to my dad humor wardrobe this year. lol

Here’s my latest acquisition:


I saw a guy the other day wearing a Bushwood Country Club shirt… that’s going to be my next acquisition. Love that movie!

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That’s it?