China threatens US over trade war

the chinese government in an editorial said “We advise the U.S. side not to underestimate the Chinese side’s ability to safeguard its development rights and interests. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

china has used the phrase dony say we didnt warn you only twice,in 1962 before their war with india and in 1979 before their war with vietnam.

they do have a very potent weapon in their pocket. rare earths. china supplies 80% of the rare earths used in the US. the minerals are needed in electronics ,electric vehicles and advanced precison guided weapons.

the trade war is about to get really ugly

I’m not scared of China. We’ve got Kim Jong Un on our side! Trump is cool!


We can scale up rare earth, we just don’t want to because it is always crappy low grade ore that is nasty to process. It’s in-line with lots of other industries we ditched, and there is a reason China is doing most of it… lol

But China has plenty of other leverage…

Wow…sounds like China IS feeling this and the tariffs ARE working? All China has to do is play fair and if that’s asking too much, let’s have a trade war cuz they have more to loose in this than “we” do.

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Boy I hope I don’t get the vapors over this news.

I’m really really afraid of them using the phrase “dony say we didn’t warn you”.
is that speaking in Chinese? lol.

Actually, that’s funny to me, and I would take China’s threat as serious as I take that phrase.

Hmm, Let’s see. We’re comparing;

To the fact that if we completely and utterly cut off China Economic wise with buying their goods, that their entire economy will collapse, and people are worried about an electric car, and that their electronics might not work for a little while? lmao!

I’m sure that the American government is at least smart enough to have enough of these “precious” minerals to easily put over tens of thousands of guided weapons up the ***** of the Chinese if they wanted to.

So no, I’m not worried about some Minerals, or Trump caving to China like ever other President before him has. lol

This trade war will last for years.

Absolutely! Let’s double down! Bastiat be damned, let stupid rule the day.

I have been doing business with China for decades and pretty well know how they think. They are not going to back down on this. They have much resolve and will not bend to rough tactics. And I really don’t think that Trump and his administration have a clue about how China works. And it is silly to think that they have more to loose then we do. China is much more flexible to find other sources to buy from. One example is their investment in Brazil to supply them soy beans. I fully believe that this whole thing is going to blow up in Trump’s face.

maybe we should do trade wars with multiple countries and piss off our allies too.

i bet that will work.

Remember back when Trump’s administration started I stated “America First” would morph into “America Alone” and if you thought current conditions were bad, just wait until then?

Keep remembering I said that…

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I believe China is holding out for a DEM in the WH in 2020. If Trump wins reelection they will renegotiate in good faith. If a DEM wins, things will go back to the way they were - where China all but owned the U.S.


Your glimpse of TrumpReality brought to you this morning by Peek-a-Boo.

Now for a word from Goldline…



Another educational piece of this era. We get to see how cults of personality operate. How they justify things. How they keep up their support.

And now, have you ever wondered how you could protect your identity? Let me tell you about lifelock …


Do we still have the one poster here who knew a ton about China? Long Island Bob? (forgetting the name that went with “Long Island”).

I think he’s here by another name?

We really need him posting- this ridiculously banal and overly simplistic “analysis” some of our posters are offering up regarding China just really sucks the life out of conversations.

Would love to get the insights of people who actually…you know…know what’s going on with China?

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Trump is COOL?

Yeah that would be cool actually.

Every conversation seems to break down to us good/you bad. It’s hard to come up with a game plan when that’s all we hear.

Can you imagine Coach K or Roy Williams going into the lockeroom and saying (and you have to use a caveman voice) “THEM BAD. US GOOD. GO WIN!!”

Yeah, in several years we can scale up. In the meantime there is a high tech economic disaster.

Nuclear annihalation, that’s the answer!