China-s.korea defense agreement signed

So…this is good. China and s.korea sign this while we insult a kor waaa a demanding 5 billion for our troops.

Trump is weaking our standings around the world. Yay!

This is totally fine.

Fine? This is the greatest man to ever live on earth…how could he do no wrong?

Hes a ■■■■■■■ moron and he is ruining america in the fashion the right whined about Obama for 8 years for…

We’re totally getting that shiny trade deal now…

A diminished US presence on the Asian side of the Pacific Rim while China is looking to assert dominance in the region… what could go wrong?

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Why does it seem like a good part of the President’s foreign policy benefits our global rivals more than it does the US?

Fine with me, we have been ******* around on the Korean peninsula for 69 years, about 66 years too long.


Give Russia the ME and China the Korean peninsula.


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Because while some are saying vindman is a spy we have a traitor in the White House

Russia can barely handle the situation in the Ukraine and they well remember getting their asses handed to them in Afghanistan. They will tread lightly in their dealings with the Mideast. Pretty much everything the United States has touched in the Middle East from and since Project Ajax has turned to ****.

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Oh things are much different now…

you understood that?

And that was a Brit op.

I don’t know who that comment was aimed at.

I have ALWAYS supported non-interventionism, including after 9-11. I have opposed all our adventures under Republican and Democratic Presidents alike.

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Joint op.

The British portion was called Operation Boot.

It was Brit. We gave them some money.

It was aimed for you. Things arent like the 80s. Russia doesnt totally need a huge force in the middle east

Loosely translated…

orange man BAD!!!


What do they need?

I can hardly wait…