China reports no new domestic coronavirus cases

No new cases in Hubei; 34 added nationally, all imported–today’s China Daily

On the other hand, some are skeptical that the China’s claims are really correct. They point to reports about refusal to test people with symptoms and higher than normal pneumonia deaths.

My observation is that is clear the China has avoided an epidemic that would have killed millions, but it is difficult to say whether they have been as successful as claimed in the official figures.

Do you think China is exaggerating its apparent success in controlling the virus?

Much of Europe and the US has emulated extreme lockdowns based on the apparent success in China. What happens if the claim of victory is premature? Does that invalidate the lockdowns?

I don’t believe anything coming out of China right now


if trump said this cnn would call him “racist”

:joy: you are so right. Liberals were just on here the other day saying “but but china can be trusted about telling everybody they had a pandemic” you really cant make this stuff up.

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No they weren’t

The Chinese Government isn’t a race but ok.

Back to “libz are communist china government sympathizers” I see

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I find it curious that the US media are quick to fact check every nuance of Trump’s tweets and accuse him of lying at any alleged inconsistency, but they seem more than happy to accept the party line from China with little questioning.

For example CNN repeated the China’s announcement with no fact checking or skepticism.

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Trump is always the victim. Always.

The US news media are owned by companies that make movies and operate other businesses in China. China regularly censors Hollywood movies, and it can make life hard on foreign companies that don’t cooperate.

It does not surprise me that US news media tend to be very uncritical of the Chinese government.

Well look at you. Hyperfocused on the big bad lib media instead of China.

Pot, meet kettle

:rofl: :rofl:

Spot on!

i never maintained that or anything of the sort

you create false situations to serve nonsensical running narratives.

Says the guy whose first post was a made up narrative

Pot, meet kettle

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Don’t look to China for how to deal with it.
look to South Korea.

Geez. A few posts before you

This narrative is very prevalent that liberals are communist chinese government symparhizers.

Its insane how well South Korea handle this.

they put in travel ban.
they started wide spread testing 20,000 a day.
they tracked every-step of infected carrier (they devoted over 500 police officers to this job)
they alerted people via their phones where infected people traveled so people would be tested.
they shut down all public event, school, etc
they didn’t panic.

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To be expected, after all the freaks at CNN lied to everyone about Trump colluding with the Russians.

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thats not a narrative. it’s an observation based on pattern

“ifs” aren’t observations

You lose

cant you handle it without dragging me into it?