China Reparations

Am I the only one FED UP with contagions spawned by China? All because they don’t enforce standards of cleanliness & sanitation. It’s time for China to foot the bill for the loss of life, medical related expenses and the adverse affects on the American & global economies. For starters, we compile all the above costs as a direct result of THEIR virus and send China the bill. We could also insist they forgive all US debt. Lastly, to avoid future outbreaks China embraces FDA models country wide to minimize the potential for these outbreaks.


Yeah, someone will need a lot of opium in their pipe if they believe that dream is ever going to happen.

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While I agree in principle, this will never happen unfortunately.

It’s not so much the virus itself that pisses me off about China. It’s the CCP’s response to the initial outbreak that pisses me off to no end.

Had they been upfront and honest from the get go there is a possibility this could have been mitigated before it went on to basically wreck the world economy.


When it come to China, this is probably one of my biggest issue and most of it is because of pride, ego and not looking bad in front of the rest of the world. So tired of these world leaders/governments (U.S. included) doing this type of dumb ■■■■ at the expense of its citizens and world community at large.

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Some people seem to be losing faith in government.


They got us good up and down and everywhere.

I know of small Midwestern company making a silly but successful product who got a small widget, just one piece, of their product mass produced in China and assembled the rest in the USA.

Imagine their shock when people started trying to return defective product which they hadn’t made or sold.

The printer in china took the widget, copied the rest of the design and counterfeited the product, flooded the coasts with more defective product than the American company had ever produced of the original.

Expensive lawyers were hired, expensive flights flown, all while the value of the brand and product was being harmed by a visually identical counterfeit.

In the end, the product is now fully made in china.

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I am sure President Xi Jinping will get RIGHT on that.

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This is the hype that China govt officials and their state media is putting out. A lot of Panda Huggers are embracing it.



For some years, the Chinese have sold copies of American guitars (both acoustic and electric) for a small fraction of the cost of the actual product… and at a fraction of the quality. If you buy a Les Paul model Gibson guitar the Chinese copy includes the “Made in America” label.

The attitude that has helped lead to the current events are just one of the reasons I’ve boycotted Walmart for over a decade.

I never had it in the first place.

Governments ■■■■ up. All the time. It’s all about saving face, not working for their people.

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Local government is a whole different story for me…and I hope…for you…and for all of us?

I’ve never had faith in government to do the right thing. It’s the reason why I have so many issues with the 2 political party’s here in the states. Don’t have a problem with the workers in government it’s the folks who are calling the shots at the whim of the US version of oligarchism under the guise of capitalism.

When the dust settles, pull all U.S. business from there, they’ll pay the price one way or another.

The president issued this order months ago and it was ignored.


Even local government fails.

Fortunately, they tend to be more accountable.

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And an area I am seeing bipartisanship at least among the public - manufacturing needs to come back home.


In my business, I must interact with local government and it’s mostly…that they need something. In the rare circumstance, I need something, they’ve been excellent and I’ve got nothing but praise…especially the first responders.

Wasn’t there another thread about re-instituting more domestic manufacturing as a matter national security?

This virus should be a wake-up call for the nation on that front.


For all nations, for that matter.

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The president has the power to order companies where they have manufacturing?