China Reparations

Never said he did. Regardless, he issued that order and it was ignored.

Me as well, Smyrna.

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It absolutely does.


No. Figure into the cost we’ve paid for all of their toxic products from Chinese drywall to pet food that kills.

They will. They are trying to propagandize their way out of it, but they’re sunk and they know it.

That will cause costs to skyrocket. Bring it back home!

So it’s not enough goverment control. :crazy_face:

Rucy! You got some exprainin’ to do!

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And the panda huggers criticism that Chinese Wuhan Virus is incorrect. CHINA will use their panda huggers to rewrite reality to their own twisted narrative. The narrative, they must stick to their narrative. Stay safe SixFoot. Kick the panda huggers in their backsides. #wegotthisusa

Ralley around the hashtag

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Depends on what the definition of govt is.

Get back at china… use paper plates

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Did they change the name of MERS yet? Middle East Respratory Syndrome may be considered Racist to The Squad,. :kissing:

Him and President Trump are great friends i hear

On many many fronts from public health to foreign policy.

No way this can happen normally from here out