China lied, more than 75,000 will die in the US and hundreds of thousands around the world

On top of hundreds of thousands dying the world was forcibly thrown into an instant recession with trillions in GDP losses.

We now know they covered up the severity of their own outbreak and knowing it was spreading from person to person for a month, while allowing potentially infected people flee on intentional flights.

We also know that WHO was complicit in the effort.

What do we do about it?

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The UK has started the ball rolling. Do our US politicians have the stones to take any action or are they too afraid of it costing them donations?

Will democrats get on board or continue playing partisan games trying to find an advantage for November?


The UK has not yet decided to remove Hauwei from the 5g rollout

the british foreign minister doesnt thinkhuawei is out…

Stupid move.

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I don’t care a lick about stones or whatever. Our politicians should be 100% focused on helping the american people right now.

European politicians might have the time to posture and flex their legislative powers at China right now, because they aren’t facing a tidal wave of unemployment and homelessness. Ours do not have that luxury.

Southern Europe was in bad shape before all this, it’s Mad Max times there right now.

Italy, in particular, also has lots of investment from China and received a lot of very well publicized aid.

It’s just as likely many European countries end up close to China after this than they move further away.

You know we can actually do more than one thing at a time.

This will come to an end and we should have a plan for dealing with China when it does.

Don’t you agree?

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I’m not so sure.

With as many “right wing” movements and successes there were before this virus I suspect there’s going to be a successful push for some sort of reparations, thee certainly should be.

Businesses were already moving out of China prior to Covid.

I suspect we will see that trend continue.

The best that can happen is for countries to put the breaks on importing their products and let them sink.

I’d like to see the people overthrow the government but I doubt that will happen.

I suspect China will not pay reparations so breaking ties with them will be about the best case scenario.


Can you cite any examples of international reparations which provide an example of the sort of successful push you are anticipating.

The only example of reparations that comes to mind are the reparations imposted on Germany after the first World War. The economic impact of those reparations, coupled with the extent to which the German people resented them contributed directly to World War II occurring so I am not sure, in retrospect if that was a successful program.

Are there better examples I am unaware of?

Economic sanctions have been used throughout history to punish countries for all sorts of bad behavior.

In this case their actions ere so egregious anything short of war should be on the table.

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Sanctions are not reparations. I was responding to your claim that you expected a successful push for reparations.

In this case that would be the purpose of the Sanctions. Reparations for their lies, cover up, collusion, profiteering, physical, human, and economic costs.

What I asked for was an example of successful international reparations, not a definition.

Whether its sanctions or reparations you achieve, here’s a scenario to contemplate.

Today, China has four different COVID vaccines being tested on human subjects. No other country has any vaccine that far advanced.

Assuming China maintains its lead in the vaccine race, they then are able to say, “Here’s the vaccine that will enable you to quickly reopen economic activity. Of course we are only exporting it to friendly countries.”

Nobody could have known this would happen! That’s all China has to say

Just the flu. More people die of the flu each year and this has a very low mortality rate and only affects severely those with pre-existing conditions. We don’t shut our country and economy down because of the flu. It’s not China’s fault that other countries decided to overreact and make a bigger deal of this than they had to. They did it to themselves and have to own that.


I dunno, apparently Joe Biden wrote a letter to Trump apologizing for saying he was xenophobic so anything is on the table.

Do you ever read your own posts?

In post 9 you called for reparations.

In post 10 I asked for an example of successful reparations.

In post 11, you switched from reparations to sanctions,

I’m not the one who’s not reading things.

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