China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia

I don’t recall suggesting that you do anything about it.

Can you tell us what is unusual about the Chinese gov’t extending loans to a state owned Chinese Construction firm?

These aren’t even Trump Properties, they are just leasing his name.

Here’s an article referencing the investment and trying to connect it with the zte situation. Good luck on proving that connection.

But I noticed the following statement in that article:

'Trump, despite his promises to do so during the campaign, has not divested himself of his businesses, and continues to profit from them."

My recollection is that Trump said he would not manage those businesses while President, but never promised to divest. Can anyone link to a statement where Trump promised to divest from his businesses, and thereby prove that article is not the infamous “fake news”?

He said he’d turn control of his businesses over to the kids. I can’t find anywhere he promised to divest himself of them.

It would be ridiculous to expect that he would. It’s a private business he’s spent the last forty or fifty years building.

Why is it ridiculous to ask a president not to personally profit off of policy decisions?

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Every president in history has benefitted from policy decisions.

So we should minimize that, no?

Every president has come out of office richer than they went in. We have over 230 years of precedent and the country has survived.

It’s not something I’ve ever concerned myself over.

It certainly applies to those who were wealthy before they got there and those who wrote best sellers before they got there. trump is taking advantage of the office.

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Oh, that’s over now, because Democrats are unable to talk about more than one thing at a time. Here’s your participation medal.

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I’m glad for Trump that the Chinese gov’t decided out of the blue to invest $500 million in a trump property…after Trump moved to save a Chinese Telecom Company.

It isn’t a Trump Property.

They are still leasing his name Wild.
He profits from the decision.

At least you figured out it wasn’t a Trump property, maybe others will eventually.

I don’t care if he profits from it any more than you cared when The Clinton’s and Obama’s were selling books while in office.

how many ■■■■■■■ spreadsheets does the Mueller team have at this point?

After all the hyperbole about Clinton, Bush, and Obama, we are now truely witnessing the most corrupt administration in out lifetimes.

I said that he was going to go to DC and show the politicians how corruption is really done. I was right of course.

yep, you hit the nail on the head.

If you can show the corruption by all means do so.

Will his name be on the building?