China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia

Well this explains Trump’s very pro-China attitude today.

Good for Trump’s business. I thought he was starting a trade war with China?

“Corruption is good. Deflection through misleading straw man”

Good post.

No left wing news site would ever criticize a dem president. The right has more diverse views.

Draining that swamp

There is this…and I agree on both accounts.

Though negotiations began prior to Trump’s election and his pledge to cease engaging in new business dealings with foreign governments, the project raises questions about the extent to which the Trump organization is dependent on Beijing amid contentious trade negotiations with the U.S.

“Even if this deal is completely and entirely above board, it simply furthers the perception of impropriety” surrounding Trump’s business dealings, Christopher Balding, an economics professor at Shenzhen’s HSBC Business School, told AFP. “Especially with the potential trade war, this is not a good look….Critics will be entirely right to demand answers.”

You can’t possibly believe the Republicans have a bigger tent.

See? And you all were worried about Russia.

True. Trump will sell out to anyone!

Well now that the “Russian pawn” argument has been revealed as false it’s being recycled as China pawn.

Actually you have it backwards. The Chinese are working for him.

Whore gives money to pimp, not the other way around.

This is sort of the problem from the beginning with having an international businessman as President. With real estate holdings all over the world, it would be impossible to divest, except to family members (which is really not divesting) without likely taking huge losses. How many purchasers would be biddng if all of a sudden a hundred golf courses went on sale at once?
So you put it in a trust. Is it really that hard to guess what the holdings are when the main compnent is the Trump brand? And there is no quid pro quo a la Clinton, because there is no need. China can put in multi millions and they don’t have to come to any agreement…but they surely know that Trump knows that is their money making his golf course profitable.
So…what do you do other than post articles about it? I guess vote, but then this situation was known in full in 2016 already.

So…bad, but still better than Clinton?

On issues with which I agree.

It’s just the beginning. Did you know about this China contribution in 2016?

Where don’t you agree?

No, I meant that he is better than Hillary was on issues. Namely that I agreed with him more on the issues.

I didn’t and don’t know of the specifics, and don’t intend to keep up with them unless a situation occurrs where something like a quid pro quo with political interests can be proven. But I and you certainly knew that his worldwide intersts were subject to investments from all over the world,

Not “keeping up with them” would serve you well.

I.m sure I can rely on you to keep us up to date. And so what should I do anyway? He can’t keep Chinese interests from investing in that park, even if he wanted to. NOr should he jump in and demand the trust close the golf course.