China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia


I’m not copping out. I just have a limited amount of time this morning. Maybe some other poster can pick up my slack.


As has already been pointed out, it’s not a Trump property, they will be paying the company for the use of the name.

Trump will not have an ownership stake at least according to any of the articles I’ve come across.

Many of the “Trump Hotels and Resorts” are so in name only.

I doubt if anyone ranting about this has any idea as to when this deal was done to begin with.


You made the claim, it’s up to you to support it. I’ll check back later.


This doesn’t take much to understand the conflict. trump tweeted Saturday about saving Chinese jobs. No one really knew why he was doing this. Than on Monday we find out China is cutting a $500 million check for one of his projects. But let’s look the other way.


No, they loaned a state owned Chinese Construction company the money to build it.


Will Trump make money in this deal? Would this deal move forward without china funding 50% of the project?


Without the china money, what happens to the project? And it also includes a trump golf course.


after trump and his family are convicted of corruption ALL of their assets should be seized. every last dollar


♬ Money, Money, Money, Money ♬

♬ Money ♬


Yeah, but it’s not his building. It only has his name on the flagship hotel and golf course.


i wonder if Trump starts every White House meeting with “You know those ■■■■■■■ that have been holding up “X” project, time to move on them!!”


If he doesn’t he’s an idiot.

Would it go forward? Probably but the way this reads the Chinese wanted to be sure their company got the project so they funded it.

Chinese contractors are not the only people building hotels and resorts and they aren’t the only people funding them.


Yeah, all innocent. It was just a random coincidence that thenChinese gov’t decided to strike a check right after the president called to save Chinese jobs.


You should get help with that chip.


weird how this stuff just randomly happens to the businessman/real estate developer who is now President, huh?

i think we all know why Trump wouldn’t divest. he cut out the middle men (politicians) and is now doing what’s in his best interest (personally/financially). as long as he throws the base a bone periodically he can run this scheme.

i honestly don’t think some people have even figured it out yet. they’re probably watching Fox at this very moment.


He can be pawns of both.


Will he profit from this site being developed?


What books did they sell while in office?


of course. name recognition, brand promotion, etc.