China becoming the new humanitarian force in the world

The WHO helped needy countries with health care. Now that the US no longer funds them, China has stepped into the breach, according to the article in the link below.

They’re also helping out in the Middle East.

The significant U.S. reliance on the WHO in the Middle East prompted officials in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs to write a memo to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning of the consequences of a funding halt. The memo, a draft version of which was seen by ProPublica, warned of undermining the global response to the pandemic, threatening American lives, and ceding ground to China.

Even as the federal worker-safety agency has been inundated with complaints, it has rolled back safety standards and virtually eliminated non-health care workplaces from government protection.

Indeed, Trump officials have been preoccupied with the idea that China is winning the global PR battle. On Thursday morning, White House, State Department, USAID and Pentagon officials held a conference call to discuss the issue, focusing on the Middle East. Several diplomats in the region said that talking points against China gain little traction in their countries, according to someone with knowledge of the call.

Privately, USAID officials acknowledge that China is well ahead of the U.S. in pushing the narrative that it is the leading humanitarian actor responding to the pandemic, according to meeting notes and emails seen by ProPublica.

One U.S. embassy in North Africa reported to officials in Washington this week that the Chinese had until recently avoided bashing the U.S. in favor of boosting their own donations of medical equipment. There was one exception, they noted: The Chinese took the opportunity to highlight the U.S. decision to halt funding to the WHO.

Perception is reality…

Anyone buying the “humanitarianism” of the CCCP is living in a complete fantasy world.

The US funds more global humanitarian outreach than any single country or combination of countries on the planet and has for over half a century.

This is just China playing a shell game to divert from their responsibility for this pandemic.


Which doesn’t change the fact that not funding WHO looks bad.

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Funding a group that lies to the world to cover for our rivals looks worse.

They made their bed. They can sleep in it now.


I don’t give a ■■■■ what it looks like. Until the director is fired and a full investigation is done of the collusion in helping China cover up this outbreak they should never get another single dime from the US.


Well unfortunately for you public perception does matter.

It is the epitome of stupidity and will hurt the USA in the longer term.

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Unfortunately for you and your ilk the Public will not remain ignorant as to their collusion with the Chinese for long.


Which is all shallow personalities worry about. Optics.


Give the money to other credible aid organisations to work overseas. Samaritan’s Purse, Doctors without Borders etc.

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How does giving money to WHO, an org that colluded with them to infect the world with the Chinese’s virus, make China humanitarian?


But should end it, right?

Yeah…let China help. Does your country have enough fentanyl?

Who besides yourself made such a statement? Quote it.

Only to those that are brain dead. All others understand that the WHO was criminal in their handling of this pandemic and the head of it must be at minimum…terminated.


Which ARE something to worry about, not the only thing but I would say it should be a major concern.

America first.

dont care

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Oh look…a lib cheering on China.