China becoming the new humanitarian force in the world


Sure they are. :rofl:



Nobody’s cheering on China in this thread.

OP title.

China becoming the new humanitarian force in the world

At no point did the OP caution about Greeks Bearing Gifts.

And naturally this means he is cheering on China.



Here…if you care to know just how “humanitarian” China is…this is an article published November 16th of 2019 regarding this virus and how China was handling it? That was 5 months ago and now look at the world?

Rather than being concerned about the germs and their spread, the government seems mostly motivated by a desire to manage public reaction about the disease.

Optics for the PC clowns. :roll_eyes: There are countries on the verge of collapse because of the devastating impact of this covid virus not only on the amount of cases and deaths but to economies that will never recover and yet there is the shameless and shallow PC crowd worried about optics. It’s pretty disgusting.


So what did Trump do about it in November, 2019? Did he convene a task force to coordinate the USA’s response? Did he order that stock levels of PPE, ventilators be increased significantly?

Whether you want to believe it or not, perception IS reality.

It always has been.

It’s evidenced on these boards…it’s obvious that many people here view things through the Lib/Con lens that it is their reality, and no amount of facts change that perception.

So they say silly things like “Governor Whitmer wants to be a dictator” and “Libs don’t want medicines for coronavirus because they want Trump to lose in November”.

It’s why they say even sillier things like “Libs want us locked down forever so as to destroy the economy so Trump loses” when literally no one has said they want the lockdowns to last for months…the only difference of opinion is whether to do it now when we are still at the plateau of cases or later when the cases have been on a downward trend for a few more weeks.

This is your perception…this becomes your reality.

Yeah…China has ulterior motives right now…but if perception makes people believe they are reaching out while we are growing insular…it will become their reality…and that will hurt US.

Whether you like it or not.

It’s how human beings operate.

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A better question to ask, are those that are the supposed world professionals, whose job is to keep the world informed…did they do it and the answer is NO. They didn’t even admit person to person transmission until January 22nd the next year.

The CCP’s humanitarian solution to most problems is to shoot people in the head.


Yes, in the eyes of Americans, yes.

What is so wrong with that?

Do you© give away your paycheck before taking care of your© responsibilities?

Nope the question is. So what did Trump do about it in November, 2019?

I’m sure they just went on a long needed vacation…

At least 5 people in China have disappeared, gotten arrested, or been silenced after speaking out about the coronavirus — here’s what we know about them

I mean what’s not to love about the humanitarianism of the CCCP?

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IDK. I was pretty proud of the fact that America was the first country others turned to in times of emergency. I guess not anymore.

He was bz with a fake impeachment that libs used to detract him from directly confronting this pandemic. You should be ashamed? Are you? Obviously libs are totally at fault…amirite? :sunglasses:

And yet…the story was in the papers already.

You think our intelligence services didn’t know about this but reporters did?

See now why the NSC should have a health official on it, and how it was a huge mistake to remove that official from the NSC? No guarantees…but imagine if someone with the proper scientific/medical background hears the intelligence out of China and can put that together with his understanding of how pandemics spread?

As I stated a long time ago, aside from nuclear war, the biggest threat to our interconnected global economy…and thus our biggest national security threat (because its probability >>> probability of nuclear war)…is a global pandemic.

We can be mad at China all we want…and they deserve it.

However, we now all can see the danger of the human tendency to downplay the severity of an issue that threatens to undermine our current business as usual models…and how the speed at which a pandemic can spread makes that natural human tendency even more dangerous.

When you are fighting a natural human tendency you have to expend a LOT of effort to do so and you have to be very intentional. VERY intentional.

So you don’t think that it’s important to address the new concerns regarding the WHO and it’s current leader?

I don’t know how much our “intelligence” agencies knew and forewarned about but the current pandemic and it’s economic impact, clearly gives credence to your post and I do not disagree.