China and favorable views of the country since Covid

One wouldn’t get this from hearing the media but it seems the people around the world outside of elected officials are pretty ■■■■■■■ mad at China’s handling of COVID-19 especially the fact that it was hushed in the beginning. It looks like it’s not just the United States Republicans who have a problem with the CCP after COVID-19 which I say good.

Pew Research in favorable/unfavorable views of China around the world.

I hope I am wrong but I don’t think this is a one off and we are just as likely to see something like this again from these regions that eat everything that either walks, crawls, slithers, flys with a side dish of rice. When the only thing with 4 legs that doesn’t get eaten is a table all bets are off.

Someone gets it. Of course this will be reversed.


I’m suspicious that the virus had nothing at all to do with what people in China were eating.

Of course…Harris/Biden admin is dead set on reversing everything Trump…even if it kills Americans.

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Will probably never know all we know is it similar to other diseases from that region. The CCP silenced people trying to leak information.

I agree this is why I think unfortunately we will probably see another one of these in our lifetime people will learn nothing from this.

Did Trump not set the same course?

He kept DACA, I am assuming for political reasons.

Trump? He had no choice.

Reversing Obama course…yes.

But for American interest…not interest of few Americans.

Of course that is debatable.

Of course…but I’m right.

Unless you want to prove otherwise. :sunglasses:

I could easily, but I’d have to move my desk to the stinky kid side of the classroom. Or sit with the girls.

Don’t let those smelly kids scare you.

They don’t scare me, they disgust me.

I’m somewhat amused by them…it’s like watching monkeys on monkey island.

Until the wind changes…

Always keep the wind at your back.

And wear a mask.

Yes. Part of tools we keep.