Chiefs Fans Tell Kansas City Chiefs to GET LOST!

I hope you’re right.

There is a very strong consensus that communities as a whole do NOT benefit from stadium subsidies, 86% of economists concur they are of little value.

Now that the Chiefs will be moving, where should they go?

San Antonio?
San Diego?

The Kansas side of Kansas City?

Man, this failed tax increase really has you triggered!

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Maybe both the Chiefs and Jaguars can call London home.

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DAMN RIGHT! :rage:

Things will be much easier and relaxing if the tax increase was approved!

Thanks a lot, ungrateful Chiefs fans! :imp:

Was the vote only open to Chiefs fans, or everyone that lived there? Not everyone takes sports seriously. Not everyone are Chiefs fans. I would imagine that’s where the no votes are coming from.

Even if I were a Chiefs fan and lived there, I would have voted no.

Tax-funded stadiums are a financial loser for the host city in almost all cases.

Chiefs stadium (and Royals stadium) are in a tremendous location. I’ve been there. Easy to drive to. Easy to get out. Close-in parking. Couldn’t ask for better on that front. The plan was to move it downtown. That would be a nightmare for arriving and leaving.

I would probably vote no as well. I’m not helping fund a billionaire’s project and then pay to park there. But I would imagine if only Chiefs fans voted, the majority would vote yes. Unless they had to fund it by themselves.

I would have voted yes, of course.

As I said before, I rather pay a tax increase than losing a team. Call me crazy!

Maybe, but I also believed the majority are fans who don’t believe any tax money should fund renovations, for which they’re clearly wrong.

If you just say renovations without being specific, sure. But if you’re asking your average person if they’ll help pay to renovate a billionaire’s stadium, that will strike a nerve. What’s next, just 10 cents higher gas tax to pay for the players? Why not?

If I was an owner of an NFL team and my stadium was paid for by the taxpayer, I’d be laughing at you.