Chiefs Fans Tell Kansas City Chiefs to GET LOST!

Voters had rejected a referendum to pay for renovations of Arrowhead Stadium. Basically, the Chiefs may move from Kansas City.

I don’t blame them. The Chiefs are in a midst of a dynasty with another Super Bowl win, and this is the thanks they get.

Chiefs fans are so ungrateful. I don’t want to hear whine and beg the team to stay after they announced a move to San Diego.

Chiefs told themselves to get lost ? :sweat_smile:

Shouldn’t it be - KC voters tell the Chiefs to get lost ?

Edit: OP fixed the subject :trophy:

Why should taxpayers fund renovations for millionaires and billionaires? That makes no sense.

In 2022, the revenue of all 32 NFL teams totaled 18.6 billion U.S. dollars, the highest figure to-date. Meanwhile, NFL league and team sponsorship generated 1.88 billion U.S. dollars that same year.


So their teams won’t move to another city?

If it’s a choice with helping paying for renovations with tax money or losing a team, GIVE ME THAT TAX INCREASE!

I don’t mind paying some taxes for venues and their renovations especially because the net benefit is more than sports and attracts big events to the city with a boon to the economy - but there is obviously a limit.

That’s blackmail, and it’s a hollow threat anyway. There are only so many cities that can support teams, and the NFL doesn’t want teams to move, it wants to expand. I think voters did the right thing by calling their bluff.

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When cost of 1 ball player is being paid more than stadium is worth…they can pay for it themselves.

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Well, I’m not going to take a chance of losing my team.

The voters are making a big mistake.

San Diego Chiefs sounds weird.

After forking out 400 million for Baseball field in 1999. They now want 135 million more from taxpayers to spruce up that field.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Tired of this bull ■■■■■

Teams can pay for their own ■■■■■■■ stadiums.

If the team doesn’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.



Any city being asked to fund a football stadium should consult with St. Louis to see how that worked out.


For the record, there isn’t a better place in Kansas City for the baseball and football stadiums that right where they are. Easy to get to. Easy parking. Don’t mess with success.

PS: The Chiefs and Royals aren’t going to relocate because the funding was turned down, IMO.

You should’ve seen the way they duped everyone with the sales tax hike to pay for the speedway. :rofl:


It’s my understanding that KC did a similar thing for their zoo, and local residents get free admission in return for the tax increase.

If I were a KC resident considering a tax increase for a football stadium, I’d be willing to support it in exchange for free (or even just cheap) admission to some games.

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I’m sure I’ll tell the Chargers fans in San Diego and the old Browns fans in Cleveland about that.

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Unless the Chiefs move to San Diego and the Royals move to Raleigh.

1000% agreed.

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Well I didn’t say it couldn’t happen, just that the NFL doesn’t want it to happen, and I don’t think it will happen in this case.

If the stadiums were reserved strictly for use of the sports club and nothing else, I’m inclined to agree.

But aren’t these venues used for much more - concerts, hosting other sports events, in some cases those that bring lots of visitors and revenue to cities ?