Chicago gets Comey'd

Remember the Jussie Smollett police Press conference? Where the investigators put forward their iron clad case for prosecution? It reminds the Comey deal. Where they came out, made a case for prosecution then said, but we won’t be prosecuting.

Is anybody surprised? In America, we rarely if ever prosecute our elite. Our politicians, rulers and entertainers are largely off limits. Prosecution is reserved for the peasants. But what we don’t have is a label for this privilege. We obviously can’t use “white privilege.” So what can we label it as?

Agreed 100%. If Trump weren’t a billionaire, he’d be in jail. The elite rarely go to jail.

It was one of the good reasons that Mueller’s prosecution of some of these elite was so refreshing.

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Please do not turn this in to yet another Trump topic. We have about 4000 of them already. Not everything needs to come back to Trump.

Thanks Buddy! :blush:

This is a topic about the elite. Trump is part of the elite. Far more elite than Smollett. It’s absolutely on topic.

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Just like Robert Kraft wont go to jail…

Your OP opened the doors that lead directly to Obese Donald. True, you did not mention him by name, but your OP was enough about events that evolved all around him in D.C., including direct mention of Comey, who Obese Donald fired, that you should not in the least bit be surprised if folks go there.

MAGA :us:

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Remember the big press conference where the top of the Chicago law enforcement hierarchy explained what a horrible crime Jussie committed? I hope they have another press conference explaining why this is no longer the case. But, I ain’t holding my breath.

So for Jussie, how should we label his privilege?

The johns never go to jail regardless of income…

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So what type of privilege does Jussie have? It obviously ain’t white privilege. How should we label him?

Pity privilege…

You do know wealth is a privelege right?

Trump is not one of the elites. He’s a man of the people. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps as much as any other person.

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Jussie got the same treatment that ashley todd got…

No one was whining about special privilege then…

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Not always. Take Bill Gates for example. For him it’s not about privilege. He created a product that changed the world. Made everybody’s lives better. He wasn’t privileged as much as he was talented.

Bill gates is worth how much?

Google can help you with this.

Yes, it is exactly like that, except not even a little bit.

Comey came out and made a case for not prosecuting. You really should go watch it again.

So do you think that Chicago should do the same and explain why they suddenly don’t want to prosecute Juss? They were pretty convinced of his guilt.

When I heard those government officials in Libago announce that they were going to prosecute for a hate crime…I thought…I’ll believe it when I see it. Well…that settles that. Hate crimes only know one color.