Chicago-Area Leaders Call for Illinois to Abolish History Classes

Leaders have called for a halt to teaching history classes until an “alternative” can be found.

So what is this alternative? What is the “narrative” the “new history” will have to make it not “lead to white privilege and a racist society”? Very interested to see this re-write.

If ever there was a time to remember " Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it", it is now.


Part and parcel of The Movement.

Ford was a history teacher :rofl:

All the more epic in that case. :rofl:

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This is actually one of the tenets of conflict theory.

Well History curriculum is garbage. I agree with this.

I didn’t learn about the real reason for the civil war until college. I did learn about the Tulsa massacre until after college. I was taught that slaves enjoyed their lives. Never learned about the Tuskegee Experiment. The rise of the KKK… during reconstruction? Nope.

Our history is literally whitewashed. We need to put back in the real hard truths. Even if they make people, who weren’t alive at the time, uncomfortable.


Right on! :fist:t3:

Silly libs. Rewriting history will only condemn us to repeat our mistakes.

Oh wait…


Maybe teaching history honestly will help us avoid mistakes going forward.


I have no problem of teaching history honestly…but who gets to decide?

The problem ATM libs don’t want any counter arguments to thier side…what kind of education is that?


You know it’s funny, I was taught the civil war was about slavery in junior high.

Didn’t learn about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments in school, but the story didn’t break until 1972, so not surprised.

Learned about Tulsa and Rosewood in High School.

Must have been an AP history class.

In grade school… I didn’t learn that some of our founding fathers were slave owners. I never learned about the fugitive slave clause. Didn’t know the first slaves hit our shores in 1619. I did learn about the civil rights movement but did not learn about what lead to it.

I learned about MLK but didn’t learn how hated he was during his time. Also didn’t learn Malcolm X.

If I learned anything about black history in this country, it was in February and focused on black inventors… which is cool… but I should have also learned about how prominent black cowboys were. Or about how the march on Washington was essentially about wealth redistribution. Nothing about Claudette Colvin.

I could go on and on… but you get the point.


The oppressed.

Oh I did.

So did I. I’m not sure why he didn’t learn that stuff…It was around 7th grade when I first learn that Jefferson/Washington were slave owners.

That that would put it around early 70’s.

As for MLK. I bet PG didn’t know those that supported Barry Goldwater also supported King…but yet I bet he was taught that all Barry Goldwater supporters were racist.

That’s why I knew early age just how ■■■■■■ up the press/media was. They say Goldwater supporters were racist but then I see my parents rooting for MLK etc.

How can that be?

Same thing with Trump…they say Trump is racist and so are his supporters.,but yet they ignore economic zones that many racist Trump supporters support…and Trump doftenig on certain crime etc.

What will future say about us? The lies that will be told.

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I agree they need to focus more on communism the only thing they taught us in history was World War 2 the evils of fascism and the American Civil War. Kids need a full semester of Mao (The Great Leap Forward) Stalin and Pol Pot.

But did you learn how they treated their slaves? Or the fact that they didn’t want to end it?

No he didn’t

Trump is racist but not all of his supporters are. Some just ignorant

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Same here. I learned all that stuff.

The crazy thing is, there is more information out there accessible to any and all then there was when I was in school. We had our school books and the local library yet I still managed to learn quite a few of the things many here say they didn’t learn in school. At this point in time, who’s fault is that?

I find it hard to understand how just about every person in this land has a smartphone, a computer etc. or access to one yet they complain they can’t learn something unless a teacher stands in front of you and says it. Really? How many posters on here are constantly bragging about the intellectual tomes they read for fun? Is anything stopping any of these kids from reading about or hearing about all sides of an issue other than they choose not to?

Sorry to be so jaded about this, but there is no excuse in today’s world to claim ignorance on a subject then profess that we must re-write history in order to learn it.


I see…and you want to be final arbiter of history with the denial I’m seeing?

No thanks.

And yes…Goldwater supporters also supported King and that’s a fact. I’ve seen/heard it with my own two eyes and ears.

So someone got bad history lesson…and we wonder why our educational system is so ■■■■■■ up.


:rofl: That’s great!

I wasn’t ever taught that there were black slave owners in the US.

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