Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys want “European Army”

What an insane insult. Macron apparently is talking about a European army to protect them from Russia, China…and the U.S.

Let them try- they are the worst military in the world and we will crush them with our army. Its finally time to honor our true natural allies- Russia and North Korea. And it’s time to stop protecting those Brie eating surrender monkeys and the rest of Europe.

One of Groundskeeper Willie’s best lines.


The Fox comments are hillarious. Pretty sure conservatives hate the French more than the North Koreans. Pretty strange world these days.

EU already has a “Military”

Remember how devout they were for all of a year in calling them “Freedom Fries?” Conservatism went into the deep end of the stupid pool on that one.

Ann Coulter once suggested America invade Canada because we didn’t support the Iraq war.

Oh I do remember. Well you’re either with us or against us.

I would be more than happy for the United States (and Canada) to leave NATO and let Europe stand on its own two feet (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SPEND ITS OWN ******* MONEY) in regards to its own defense.

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Canada will never leave its mom (England)

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What I don’t get is Trump has been bitching for two years that Europe doesn’t do enough to protect themselves, and here we are the President of France one of the three biggest countries in Europe suggesting that they do that very thing… and Trump? he is mad about it.

I like you a lot Safiel, but you’re sounding like Trump. And you’re smarter than that.

The biggest issue with NATO is we let Turkey into it so we could use them as a base to control the middle east.

Not in the slightest.

We spend too much on defense. At some point, we have to dial back our commitments. Europe seems the logical choice, since they should be able to fully make up for the lack of U.S. ground forces. We could then commit our efforts solely to Asia and the Middle East.

I don’t think Trump has ever enunciated that particular view point.

That was an idiotic move by NATO. I opposed all NATO expansion, with the sole exception of the territory of the former East Germany.

I support including former client states of Soviet Union simply because they lack the ability to defend themselves from Russia and I don’t want them to suffer mass starvation again. (10 + million Ukrainian died under Soviet rule)

Now what you just said is thoughtful. The text before that where you were yelling about gladly leaving NATO and them not paying for their defence IS Trump in all his glory.

though with that being said in a perfect world EU would have their own NATO and America/Canada would be allies of it, making them carry the cost but insuring joint defense in war.

I disagree so much with this.

Trouble is, if we go charging into the Ukraine under the pretext of humanitarianism, the 10 million people dying will likely be in New York City, under a mushroom cloud.

I believe Russia will bend only so far and if we push beyond that point, the whole world will regret it.

I am not an isolationist, but I am far from a hawkish interventionist. At some point, the United States needs to mind its own business, or risk getting its hands chopped off.