Check out these lovelies. It seems YOU CAN judge a book by it's cover

Images of Antifa goons who have been arrested. I hope their employers don’t see this. I would hate for them to lose their jobs. I don’t want that on my conscious. :laughing:



Clearly a bunch of losers/misfits. Wow.

This surprises you? :rofl:


Article is from January. I doubt any of those are actual mugshots. The website is described by Snopes as “a disreputable outlet that has a penchant for publishing both fake news and spurious pro-Trump articles.” Newsguardtech describes as “A conservative and libertarian news site that has published false andmisleading stories that often support the Trump administration,including misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.”


No. It surprises you. It amuses me. :grin:

I know right? Most Antifa mugshots look like June and Ward Cleaver. :laughing:

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Hey look another antifa or BLM thread


I gave my reasoning for my suspicions. I said nothing about how they look. If you want to snip the portion of my post that explains why those photos are likely fake that’s on you.


Snopes is a hard left liar/apologist for the most part.

I wouldn’t use him for any sort of reference.

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I would consider myself a failure as a parent if any of those belonged to me!

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So you stand by your op?

I mean I’m just waking up and haven’t looked into it yet. But Cali is a good poster who likes reality as much as myself. I sure hope by the time I make coffee this all gets figured out.

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But, this is July.

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My OP?

Here are mugshot from the local news:

Apologies. The* op.

You’re* standing by it?

:grin: :grin:


The coffee is in the grinder :sunglasses: