Chase bank cancels religious non profits...Why not boycott WOKE Companies?

I think I’ll just cancel them…close my accounts with them. I think every conservative should as well.

I know, so you say you aren’t for boycotts…ok…so exactly HOW will the cancel culture taking over every institution be stopped, or even slowed?

They won’t be deterred otherwise. Conservatives are wrong to oppose boycotts. Blackrock is in a panic right now with losing so many accounts for going insane woke. They are running ads on fox right now trying to get conservative investors to stay with them and invest with them.

These companies will listen to their wallet getting skinny.


They are an FDIC insured institution. Revoke their FDIC coverage and access to the Fed’s facilities for banking transfers.


Before we lower the boom, let’s see what Chase has to say. There’s a bunch of news stories, but it’s all from NCRF’s version of events.

In addition, it appears that this happened about 2.5 months ago

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I don’t care if it happened a year ago. A non-profit’s donor lists are none of any banks business.


Before the outrage gets too much doesnt anyone want to see more than just NCRFs version of this. Perhaps some proof this was the reason why.

Something tells me there might be more to this story.

Precisely. Although aside from something criminal, I have no idea what it might be.

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Ate you sure? What if the bank suspects money laundering?

They are not law enforcement - if they suspect money laundering, they should report it. Otherwise it’s none of their business


If you say so. When you google this, you find a bunch of articles from NCRF’s PoV but nothing from Chase.

Asking for their donor list isn’t a point of view.


Since Chase doesn’t seem to have replied to a direct request from Sen. Rubio about this, I doubt we will hear their side.


Steering clear of all ESG banks is a good policy.


They are not allowed to support political candidates. Ten to one this is at the root of Chase bank actions in the matter.

That does make sense but even if thats true if will not be enough to stop the frothing outrage from cons who once again feel victimized.

NCRF is a PAC- not a religious group.

They have been called a non profit many times here.

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There are 501(C)(3) and 501(C)(4) non-profits.

501(C)(3) = Charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.

501(C)(4) = Social Welfare Organizations (which includes PACs) and donations are not tax deductible.

Both are non-profit.

NCRF is a 501(C)(4).


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Who is “they”? The bank?

You being technically correct when saying that is an indictment of our non-profit laws in this country.

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Exactly what I meant.

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