Charles Kruthammer just passed

Very sad. May he rest in peace and condolences to the family.

Very sensible voice for the right, will be missed.

Unfortunately he was all but ostracized from the party for being against Trump and with him goes the one of the last republicans actually rooted in political conservatism.

May he rest well. He gave us a wealth of political opinion that will continue to enrich us all. A wonderful legacy.

Loved Charles. He could make his point clearly and calmly without screaming like most of the “experts” we are shown.

Rest in Peace.

That’s true. You don’t see that nearly enough anymore on either side.

The political landscape is poorer for his absence. RIP

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En paz descanse

He was one of my favorites. He made much of his life, even with many physical challenges. With his passing, there is a void that we will all notice.

Rest in peace.

Sad to hear. RIP.

In Heaven There is Rest!

Yes he did. Well said.

sigh… damn.

when they showed his empty chain on special report…

he was the best

I did not always agree with what he had to say, but when he spoke he spoke with reason and class.

I very much admire him for the struggles he overcame and what he made of himself in spite of them.

Rest in Peace. Prayers and condolences to his family. I’m sure their light burns ever more brightly that they were blessed to have him in their lives.

May he rest in peace. :heart:

He will be missed. RIP Sir!

He had a tough life. Sorry to hear this.

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A nice memorial for him from a former colleague.