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I don’t think Sean is a true conservative. He’s a Trumplican. There is a big difference between the two, imo.


Zeitgeist was given a time out. Why are you mentioning them?


Zeitgeist has meaning beyond being some rando’s username on an internet forum.


So that is your only exposure to the word… a poster on an internet forum. I should have known.


So. The old timey cons are your buddies now. Play some Appalachian fiddle and washboard music to make them feel at home.


I was trying to make a joke.

Jeez, some people are touchy.


I agree with the notion that Trump supporters and true conservatives are different entities, with some overlap.

The few conservatives I know in the real world, except for one, rejected Trump. One of them described it this way–and I am paraphrasing–“As a conservative, I could never support Trump.”

I believe that many people see that difference.

With that said, some real conservatives are also Trump supporters.’

If this observation offends anybody, I apologize.

(I’ve noticed that many harmless posts are disappearing lately–sometimes as I am replying to them–and I don’t know why. It could be a forum glitch, but I figured I’d play it safe anyway.)


“I don’t understand why the mods flat out avoid addressing questions in this subforum.”

I do. Why should the moderators let posters paint them into a corner? Don’t like the rules, don’t post here. Seems simple enough.


People are asking questions about the rules. wiley.


Rules are made to be broken.


I’m aware. People who have been around long enough to know the rules are also the ones asking. Coincidence, I’m sure. Or maybe just more of the same shenanigans that were being pulled on the old board in the mod section too. :roll_eyes:


The rules are…fluid.


I don’t think that the community should give be allowed to give feedback in the Community Feedback forum.

Asking what the rules are so that one can avoid violating them should be a violation of the rules.


Your post is ridiculous.