Character Accounts

I’m not going to name names and I’m sure there are more I do not recognized, but there seems to be a handful of ‘character accounts’ that are premised as a form of humor, but in actuality are just bad faith posting attempting to outlandishly mis-characterize the beliefs and positions of groups of people. For me personally it adds a lot of noise to a discussion when forum participants start to reply back and forth around fake positions.

This is just my personal opinion which could very well suck and not be shared by others at all, but for those that want to put on a mask in-authentically as some character to get their jollies might it be possible to have a separate ‘comedy’ forum where these accounts can go hog wild and its a good time for all who participate in that space while attempting to limit that behavior in the discussion threads? People need outlets and maybe there’s a way to accommodate that, yet if the goal is to have a discussion forum I would argue it needs to be reality based and in good faith.

I just don’t know how that would get judged though. Sometimes I can’t tell if maybe someone is just genuinely weird or doesn’t communicate well.

Leave aside the mechanics of how for now (good question) and weigh in on whether you share this concern. If it’s just me then whatever, that’s fine. Curious what others think about that style of posting, its prevalence and its effects on discourse in the forums.

What’s a fake position to you?

I guess it doesn’t bother me. Because I really can’t be sure if it’s “character” or character.

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There are some special people around here, but it’s pretty easy to decide who is and isn’t worth responding to. Sometimes I just skip entire posts when I see who it was written by.

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I just ignore their posts.


I read comments on Breitbart for jollies and, imo, I don’t think there are many fake posters on this forum. They really believe the craziness they post. Sad, but true.


Too hard to tell between poes and those who are sincere, so I wouldn’t bother. Hell, even I will occasionally take up an absurd position just to illustrate a point, and then revert back to sanity (or the closest I can approximate it).

Just ignore the ones you consider the worst, and try to focus on those who seem to want to genuinely engage.

@Snow96 @GWH I had a post deleted from this thread and don’t understand why. All I stated was that there are long-time posters of this forum who behave in the manner of the “character accounts” OP believes are happening. I didn’t name names. I didn’t even imply anyone specifically.

OP complained that there are posters who engage in:

And there are certainly some long time posters who have done that. Who outlandishly mischaracterize the beliefs and positions of groups of people (by broadbrushing). I’ve even seen the mods chastise other posters for broadbrushing, so it’s not like I was making anything up, but I also didn’t name any posters specifically.

I don’t understand why the mods flat out avoid addressing questions in this subforum.


I don’t believe the OP was talking about broadbrushing groups of people, but was referring to my posting style where I don’t always mean exactly what I’m saying, but often the exact opposite.

I know it’s not everyone’s favorite style, but it’s just kind of my personality.

I think posters broadbrushing as their standard MO has the same effect. Someone starts a thread about what the other side beliefs, ascribes that belief to all people of the other side, and argues from that point of view. Spends the thread telling them what they believe ,and arguing against that instead of engaging in good faith arguments.

I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules. I can’t say for certain, but I believe I’ve had a post or two deleted for exactly that reason. Not recently, of course. I try to learn my lessons, when I’m aware of what I did.

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Check out the weekly stats. See it? lol


I did not know that was a thing, but now I’m glad i do.

I have the exact same number of likes as likes given. That’s pretty cool.

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Actually, I don’t see it. But I feel like I’m getting dissed somehow. :slight_smile:

I’m not cool enough to dis people anymore. lol

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Perfectly balanced…

I’m Chaotic Neutral.