Character Accounts

That’s very funny.

Sometimes people like to vent. If I tell you what’s going to happen in response to the OP, the venting ends. I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to a no holds barred comedy forum, and some actually enjoy the parody accounts, but what about those that aren’t? I shut down a legitimate account, and hear more crying than present in this thread :grinning:

So I let you vent, and delete the ones I think derogatory towards other posters or groups of posters. You( p ) get the tears out of the way and go on to post some political stuff, which is what you’re here to do.

You mean like people pretending to be Mueller? Or are you referring to those who are advertising (or ridiculing… I can’t tell which. Are either permissible here?) an interest in homoerotica with photoshopped pictures of Trump and Putin?

Yea, just like that.


All of those Mueller avatars crack me up. I don’t know how they could be character accounts, as the Muellers all seem to be forum veterans.I was tempted to use one myself until one of the forum Trump supporters requested that I use my avatar from the old forum.

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I can only vouch for myself, but I registered under my current name in 2006, and have only used that account since then.

Although I have managed to go from one of the staunchest conservatives around here to being a lib, all without changing any of my beliefs. Neat trick, eh?


All right for a former AD&D player (1st and 2nd edition only, thank you) that was hilarious.

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Avitars shouldn’t bother posters.

After Hillary lost in 2016, a lot of Trump supporters changed their avitars to pics of Hillary.

Sometimes avitars are chosen for the sign of the times.

I see… I should look at avatars here to understand the zeitgeist. OKAaaaaaay.

Gosh, if avatars get people’s knickers in a knot - maybe Internet forums aren’t the right place for those people.


It’s become a safe space.

Yeah, I don’t really get that. I don’t really give a 2nd thought to people’s avatars.

All you had to do was stick with your beliefs while the progressive liberals figured out how to use old timey conservatives like tools.

Upon returning here, I noticed first how many people had left the forum or, like me, were delaying the transition.

If some of these accounts are indeed “characters,” then the forum population is smaller than I thought–and certainly much smaller than when I first found the old forum in 2014.

The vast majority of conservative forumers who could be relied upon to post here–and post a lot–appears to be gone. Sad to see that. Luckily, some remain to try to maintain a balance.

I suppose that this is how a forum looks when one side, in my opinion, wins most of the discussions.


I always knew it was a scam! Lib!

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That’s not this place…that’s the …

I know a few people in the real world who have expressed the same sentiment.

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Just popping in to say hi.


I’ve only been here since last spring but from my observation there are only about 10, if that, Trumplicans on this forum. Sad for a forum named for Sean Hannity.

There’s a lot of really good true conservatives though. A true conservative like Sean Hannity would be proud.