Centgov and the Dogma of Liberalanity


Ignoring unfunded liabilities.


There are no conservatives in California


Well there are still a few…for example Republican Duncan Hunter won his re-election in San Diego county and the man is under indictment…but we did clean out most of the clowns in this last cycle…


Purge of the unclean?


Of course there are.


I think you are only part right.

Sounds like an explanation from an economist (or similar). You know the saying “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”.

But I think there are other forces at work beyond economics.


Wiki open.



You have a dog as your icon picture, and the word Dog is in your headline.
I thought that was pretty cool.


If we are talking about California and people moving:

Poor people are moving out, and the rich are moving in.


I call it the vicious cycle of liberalism, but calling it a vicious circle works too! It’s like a never ending ring of leftist failures that have a dangerous and adverse effect on the country.


Keep telling yourself that.


So are we all agreed then?