Centgov and the Dogma of Liberalanity

I was reading about the reasons behind the liberal love for Centgov, very interesting.

So basically what happens is big city and state gov in Liblandia raise taxes and create toxic business environments to appease the plebes and harvest lemming votes.

It gets to the point where business and people start to look for better environments - and find them.

When business A moves, Liblandia has to raise taxes on B, C and D to compensate - they can’t reduce spending, the congregation would revolt.

It’s a vicious circle.

So they need Centgov to make all states equal - equally ■■■■■ That way there’s no reason to get out of the toxic environment - they’re all toxic.

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Socialism is toxic in general. It doesn’t work for a reason, yet the Liberals
really want to force it on all Americans.

This isn’t about socialism.


He’s not alone. Indeed.com Chief Economist Jed Kolko notes that Census Bureau data from July 2016 to July 2017 show that California had a net loss of 138,000 people. Where did they go? Here’s a hint: Texas had a net population gain of 79,000, Arizona 63,000, and Nevada more than 38,000.

Is this source acceptable for a case in point?

I’d really appreciate it if you would keep your religion out of my state.


Nikisha Riley: A couple of years before my diagnosis, I knew I wanted to move out of NYC. There were stressors and situations that were making my life so unbearable.

Anecdotal, admittedly.

What is more serious is the number of California-based companies that have left or signaled their intention to leave the state.

California again.

Oh and

According to a November report from the U.S Census Bureau, the Golden State has had 142,932 more residents exit to live in other states than people arriving from other states. This domestic outmigration was the second largest outflow in the U.S. behind New York and New Jersey. It was up 11 percent (13,699 net departures) compared to 2015.

California is replacing them with immigrants. A lot of illegals no doubt.

Profit is the root of all evil.

More Californians to Texas? Interesting. Anything Texas can do go slow it down?

Unfortunately no.

Why am I not getting any love from the flock?

Because no one cares?


Where did you read this?

In 2016 the combined population of Texas, Arizona and Nevada was about 37.5 million people. California was 39.25 million.

Wow! Those numbers of yours are such a shock!

I keep saying that population is going to be among the biggest problems facing the world going forward. Not just in America but globally. It is a global problem.

Texas still has 12 million or so less people than California and is number two. New York is way smaller than both so no surprise to see outflows already starting there. Texas’ day will come.

Good luck with your theories about it all being toxic business environments.

I love California, it’s beautiful. The only problem is it’s full of Liberalans.

In a newsletter. Makes sense, you like it?

That post doesn’t make any sense.

lol - California has more people in it than the 3 states you listed combined. It is reaching the point of overpopulation so it is not shocking to see that there is an outflow beginning. Especially when you consider what some have pointed out about the likely inflow of undocumented workers as well.

One day Texas will reach the same stage California is beginning to reach now and outflows will begin there as well.

But you go on believing that toxic business environments in “liberal” states is the only reason people and businesses leave an area. And blindly ignore that those “liberal” states continue to have far more people and businesses than almost all of your “conservative” business friendly states combined.

I gave you, on a silver platter, the reasons.

Yeah, Nikisha’s saga was so compelling. :rofl:

Please go away. We’re trying to discuss religion.