Centgov and the Dogma of Liberalanity


It’s true California has been exporting its low-low middle class folks for some time now. The cost of living in California is sky high. Where I live you wont find a home under 800k and even that wont get you much.

I also believe we have been running on a budget surplus of like 9 billion.


California is a huge area with a vast range of topography and climate, much of which is not preferable to live. About 80% of the population lives within 25% of the land mass which puts the density of that portion of the population at #3 with about 800 people per square mile.


You’re making excuse. We have people living in harsh conditions in Alaska to deserts of New Mexico…to wind sweep plains of North Dakota to swamps of Florida.

Fact remain…California is rank 17th on most populated state.


NJ is the most densely populated state in the country, and believe me traffic here is a bitch!


And surprise! surprise! Sneaky posted that the outflow from California was behind that of New Jersey.


Now who is misleading people. California is the most populated state lib. Don’t forget it.

But as far as pop. per square mile, where exactly is Alaska on that list again? :laughing:


80% of alaska’s population lives in 10% of its land. So, in a smaller portion of its land than California. However, the density of that portion of the population comes out to be about 10 per square mile. Compared to California’s 800.

Don’t make me do this for every state, Conan.


Facts remain…numbers don’t lie.

You can spin it anyway you want but the fact is California is ranked 17 on most populated state per sq mile.


Indeed, numbers don’t lie. When you’re actually comparing apples to apples - the counties where most people prefer to live (i.e. desirable land), then you’re going to eliminate quite a bit of noise from the equation.


lol - You don’t even realize your list is including non states. I already told you once it’s 11 on your list as far as states go.

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?


Now you’re getting desperate. The fact remains.


The fact that “some” can’t accept that state and local endangerment is cause of 99 percent of California troubles is alarming.


What makes people so sure they are liberals? Are they doing exit polling or something? Could be conservatives who are sick of California govt.


I don’t know their political leanings, but it’s mostly people who have been priced out of the housing market.


That sounds likely, but if they are moving to Texas, many of them at least, I think there is a pretty fair chance they are not liberals.


NJ is ranked #3 in immigration so there’s been a massive influx from that.


lol - go look at your list conan. You can do that can’t you?

Is Guam a state? no.
Is Puerto Rico as state? no.
Are the Virgin Islands considered a state? no.

What is wrong with you that you can’t admit that California is only 17 if you aren’t counting only states?

Why the desperate need to ■■■■■■■■ on your part?


Raising Taxes, Big Government, Anarchy, Liberals.

Do you know what Socialism is? because it sounds like the same thing to me. lol.


Big Government and Anarchy. The two pillars of socialism.


It’s the middle class.

Because you’re ignoring unfunded liabilities.