Centgov and the Dogma of Liberalanity

Fine. Keep your head in the sand.

Texas population is now where California’s was 30 years ago. But you go on hoping that as the population grows in Texas and the other places you mention you won’t get higher prices for land or increased regulation about where and what can be built.

Over population is going to lead to problems everywhere. California is just among the first states in America to begin feeling the effects.

Actually California isn’t even in top ten most populated state per square mile.

Cool story bro. And I’m sure all of it is fit or should be used for condos, housing and new business builds.

So much for overpopulation excuse.

Just stating facts when you try to mislead people.

According to wiki…California is 17th on the list.

While New Jersey tops the list. Then RI and Mass. Which those three have 4 times the pop per sq mile.


Which he needs to come up with another excuse…because it can’t be taxes and regulations.

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Taxes and regulations are part of the commandments in Liberalanity.

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Conservatives aren’t fleeing urban centers because of the economy.

lol - I’m not misleading anyone. Only those reading ■■■■ into my post that isn’t there would feel misled. Guess that’s you lib.

and double lol - Your list includes Guam, Puerto Rico, the Islands… :rofl:

Sort it by state and it’s 11 on the list, where is Texas lib?

But don’t fret about it too much, because I assure you as the population continues to rise California will begin to use every square inch of that land just like all of the other states and guess what lib? Prices will continue to rise and regulations will continue to increase and get more and more stringent.


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“Urban centers” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m for getting rid of money and think eventually it is going to be the only way to go.

Either that or the wealthy start killing off the poor one day.

Thus sayeth the state
Thus sayeth we all

Another tenet of the religion.

Thinking a few hundred years ahead and globally seem to be beyond your abilities. You may be out of your depth.

Yes, I am not enlightened in the true faith of the State’s Chosen People.

We agree that you are not enlightened.

I’ll leave it there. Good luck keeping people out of Texas Dude. :laughing:

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When its the only thing that matters, you bet.

No we’re not.

An interesting thing is the economic demographic of those moving from California to Texas. It’s not the more successful people. Those people are staying in California because they can afford the higher housing costs due to the high demand. You can knock California, but it has a stronger economy than Texas. Land prices are cheaper in Texas because there’s more land and there’s less demand.

If it were a toxic business environment, why is the economy there stronger?

It’s true California has been exporting its low-low middle class folks for some time now. The cost of living in California is sky high. Where I live you wont find a home under 800k and even that wont get you much.

I also believe we have been running on a budget surplus of like 9 billion.

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