Census data 2020

emphasized textThe myth:

Everyone hates jersey.

People are leaving in droves.

And of course the opposite is true

Jersey pop up 5.7% since 2010.


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If NY 89 more people were counted in NY the State would have held it’s seat.

Looks like the 2020 census jiggery pokery worked.


I’ve lived in NJ for 30 years now and plan to leave upon retirement.

Taxes are through the roof. I pay almost 15K in property taxes. But I need to admit that my community has great schools and a very low crime rate. Plus an easy commute to the City (NYC).

That and my house has better than tripled in value. So I guess it isn’t all bad.

Maybe I’ll move to Texas.


Need to change that handle to “TXBob.”

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Was just perusing property in Italy, which doesn’t have property tax. And has a crap ton of cheap houses in their countryside.


Yeah, but as we’ve seen with Rona, that’ll be the first place the zombie apocalypse hits hard.

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Even putting the current political environment aside, this is going to be the most turbulent decade ever, I am thinking it is no longer a good idea to keep all my eggs in any one countries basket.


Some good news for RED states actually.

California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will all lose a congressional seat. Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon and Florida will gain one seat, while Texas will add two.

5 of 7 gains go to the RED states. 2022 can’t come soon enough.


These aren’t senate seats. Florida has 16 republicans and 10 democrats in its congressional delegation. Texas has 22 republicans and 13 democrats. New York has republicans in their delegation as well.

You guys…

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Why would that matter?

The trend is from BLUE to Red.

The ironic part is that this is exactly the same number as the current D majority.

Keep up the good work. Nobody is paying attention to the border and the end of the Covid mess.


I don’t believe this data at all! How can New York have less people than it did ten ago?! That doesn’t happen! We need to file lawsuits to examine every signature! Plus I’ve seen video evidence of paper census forms being thrown in the garbage! Also, we need to break down and really examine the computer code used for the website because there’s evidence that online forms were either being deleted or residents being switched to other states!


The random Tourette’s notwithstanding the votes for representatives is on a district basis. Those districts could be red or blue.

But the odds of which it will be change based on state ratios of blue to red districts.

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That still shows that people are voting red with their feet and the re-drawn districts will reflect that in a proportional sense.

That CA stopped growing and contracted is a tectonic shift in my lifetime.


Right so 5 out of 7 is meaningless. The rise in the odds is different.

More to it actually. Adding a district means redrawing the districts, what do you think the odds are a republican or democratic majority draw them in a way that adds a seat for the other party instead of themselves?

It is not a large meaning.

It is not so slight of an item either. Certainly not meaningless in terms of trend.


They are certainly voting fewer taxes. Whether these people will suddenly vote gop remains to be seen.

Except the issue is that these people are moving to medium sized metropolitan areas like Austin or Clearwater (Tampa saint pete area)

No ■■■■■

Thanks for agreeing with me