CDC confirm the first case of the new human to human virus in America

the first confirmed case of the new virus in the homeland of the U.S, the virus has been going though China over 300 confirmed cases.

person in Washington state has been diagnosed with a novel infection racing through China, the first time someone in the United States has been confirmed to have the virus, according to news reports Tuesday.

The person, who was not identified, had recently traveled to Wuhan, China, which is where the outbreak is believed to have begun, the New York Times reported.

CNN cited “a federal source outside of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention” as the source of the information. The CDC has a press conference scheduled for later this afternoon on the topic of the new virus, provisionally known as 2019-nCoV.

Seems to me China exporting viruses now. Pig viruses and human…

Is this one of those zombie plagues or is it more of an Andromeda Strain situation?

Cue the Ebola hysterics.


Might not be so deadly.

It is remarkable how quickly this arrived.


Trump’s CDC is in charge.

Nothing to worry about.

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I’m more worried about pig virus…must not diminish our bacon supply.


I actually suspect it might not be so deadly. 6 deaths out of 300 reported cases is a small mortality rate (2%) but it is suspected there are many more than 300 cases.

But if it’s very virulent, and the dr stays at 2%, it would be a large impact. Spanish flu only had a 2.5% mortality rate, but millions got it.

Prognosis - astonishingly excellent!

Precisely…depending on how rapid it spreads.

1 million people = to 20 thousand deaths

Yes. I was going to say, y’all can joke if you want to, but I don’t want that kind of karma on me. That 1 in 50 people I know might be someone I like.

Need to know how it effects healthy adults before making too many conclusions. That 2% could have been elderly etc…

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If it ever becomes a problem, there will be enough money thrown at it, and they will figure out a solution just like we now have an Ebola vaccine.

21,000 people died of influenza in the US in 2019. Where is all the concern there?

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That 2% could have been elderly, could have already been sick, could have been malnourished…because we know there is a lot of that going on in CHINA. There are dozen’s of other factors. Don’t panic yet.

169 patients are being treated in the local hospital, Wuhan. Thirty-five of those patients are in severe condition, and nine are in critical condition.

In US?

I think this is in the wrong category.

There’s a lot of concern.

Why there’s always a push to get flu shots.

Why whenever the flu season is bad and/or the flu shot is mismatched to the dominant virus, it gets a lot of play on TV and in other media.

Hell the flu season is bad in the US this year which is another reason to be concerned about coronavirus.

Introducing another virus to an immunocompromised population could be a bad thing.

But in general, new viruses like this always should get a lot of attention early because one never knows what the native immunity to them is.

Also…we are overdue for a global pandemic.

I’ll pass.