Caught On Video: FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Patron At Denver Bar After Busting Move

Julie said the bar was in disarray when the weapon discharged.

The guys who are going to get The Tater?

Denver Police transported the agent to headquarters where he was later released to a supervisor from the FBI.

I doubt I would have been released to my supervisor.

Wild Irish,
Tell the class about cheap holsters and sticking your gun down in the back of your pants. How professional it is.

Oh and the dangers of carrying while drinking.

Unlike our case of a slung AR, somebody was actually shot by this highly trained and courageous law enforcement officer.

A Trumptweet should be forthcoming.

:rofl: the way he just throws his hands up afterwards. Oops.

We spend a lot of time on proper holster fit and location. Believe it or not I’ve had a bunch of “instructors” try to convince me that you can carry in the appendix position without putting yourself at risk.

As for this story, it sounds like a dumbass got himself in the middle of a bar fight.

Your link isn’t working. Can you give us some more details?


Always a good idea to go to a bar and act the fool with a loaded firearm in your pants.

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Cowardly jackass didn’t even bother to check to see if anyone was hurt or attempt to help the guy he did shoot.

What a tool, is there a lonely FBI post in Antarctica?

Not one lib post?

He ought to be spending some time in prison.

See 'Deadly Conduct" and 'Criminal Negligence"

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Are you kidding? According to the lefties now the FBI is as pure as the driven snow and it is un American to criticize anyone in the organization no matter how negligent or egregious their conduct.

Notice when the ND happens?

So it appears that there was one in the chamber and the safety was off. How dumb is that???
Certainly the FBI must have (strict?) guidelines for how agents carry their weapons.


10 c

:rofl::rofl: :skull:

Yeah, a former FBI agent told me that when they standardized on the Glock that they made a rule that you can not have them locally serviced. The FBI has two folks at headquarters who service all of the Glock’s of agents.

Isn’t it SOP to always have one chambered?

Good question. I don’t know.