Castro Tweets List of Trump Donors

So Joaquin Castro tweeted a list of 44 individuals and businesses from San Antonio who donated the max amount to the Trump campaign.

What in the actual ■■■■■ Hope nobody is threatened, injured, or worse over this crap.

You know that’s already public information, right?

Of course it’s public information. Just for clarity before I respond further, are you defending him publishing the list?

These are people who get angry at the media for showing video or Tweets of the terrible things Trump says.

I am neither defending, nor excoriating him.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, a non-event.

goose, gander…

What does he hope to achieve with this ? Put some people out of business or worse, get someone hurt ?


I agree, all political candidates should publicize the names of donors to their opposition under a demonizing description.

…we can whine about any abject ramifications after the fact.

This information is publicly available but it’s definitely worse than calling out the media as “enemy of the people”

There is a reason why campaign donor information is publically available. The transparency of the process is important.

I have no problem with anyone “publicizing” information that is already public by law.

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Put names to those otherwise anonymous “irredeemable deplorables” so the whack jobs know who the enemy really is?

Sounds terrifying.

It’s far worse than calling Mexicans “criminals” “rapists” or “invaders”

Bad form, really bad form.
Not as bad as erecting tombstone with names of living people but still bad form nonetheless


Only in the panhandle could you get away with that.


Here you go. Every donor for every candidate. Search for yourself. Have a party. Send out some tweets.

If you’re ashamed people will know which candidate you send money to, or are afraid people will find out for any reason, maybe you shouldn’t contribute.

My bad. Here’s 2016

2020 for good measure. “Browse receipts” after choosing a candidate.


Yes, your right, those names should be made public…especially those who “fuel a campaign of hate”.

I think this is a bad idea. Yes it is public information but Castro is presenting it in such a manner as to promote bad behavior against these people.

Lowering yourself to trumps level is sad and I will not support it.


They are public. Its the law.

No need to “make” them anything.

Trumps level is laughing off someone suggesting they be shot.

I don’t approve of this, it’s basically a shaming campaign. I’m conflicted.