Castro Drops Out of Presidential Race

How many threads did the op start in 2016 about the gop primary being all white men except carson and Rubio

Don’t worry, you guys can have all the white daddies you want running for POTUS.

You left Cruz off your list and converseky, how many times have you participated in threads about “old, white, racist republicans”??

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No one in this thread, up to your post, suggested that.

Are you talking just to hear yourself talk?

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Old white woman. How old is Klobachar? 60? Got him there.

Why don’t you tell us?

Sure :joy: looks like the old white guys are doing much better in the “big” tent democrat party. Keep spinning though

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Not really we can say with 99 percent certainty biden sanders and Bloomberg will be at the last ones standing. Not so certain for the rest. Keep spinning democrats arent that diverse.

Sorry, but I am not one to assume what you have.

There’s an OLD white dude in the White House now. Bring on some new, young blood.

Pete’s gay, Warren is an Indian, what’s Klobuchar?

So not Warren.

Or Biden

Or Bernie

Meh. No big deal.

None of them stand a chance against Trump, anyway.

Just more room in the clown car now. :wink:

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There are no assumptions. Democrats are hypocrites. Old white guys rule the day in the dnc party

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Ok that’s funny, I forgot he was even still in the race. Good to have him gone, he and his brother are dangerous.

Pete is young and Liz and Amy are women.

And that’s the extent of their qualifications.


No they don’t.

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If you say so.